Lakshadweep Park and Resort

Lakshadweep Park and Resort

Lakshadweep Park and Resort

When we talk about pristine beaches, breath-taking panoramas, crystal clear blue waters and exotic landscapes, the only place that manages to capture it all is an archipelago off the Indian subcontinent called Lakshadweep. While people flee to parks and green spaces to escape repressed city life, people in this exotic united territory of India may do the opposite, just to remove the monotony.

Wonderful parks and pictures from Lakshadweep:


This beautiful place is made up of small islands, each suited to be the perfect recluse you need to recharge. Geography can be summarized as:

  • 36 islands
  • 12 atolls
  • 3 coral reefs and
  • 5 underwater banks

The place is very small and there are too many vehicles, so it is better to walk and cycle.

50% of the beauty of this archipelago is made up of its flora. Like most islands, typical vegetation includes:

  • banana,
  • Taro,
  • coconut,
  • drumsticks,
  • breadfruit and
  • Jack Fruit.

At night, phosphorescent plankton that wash over the coral sand cast a sky-blue glow to the beach.
The rest of the beauty is underwater, where marine life will make you think about colors in a very different way. A school of fish swims among the beautiful coral reefs, showing the artistic charm of nature in the clear blue waters around the archipelago. Common residents of these waters are:

  • jump over the jacks,
  • yellow fin,
  • rainbow fish,
  • king fish

Watch exotic fish along the numerous lagoons and you can also spot some colourful exotic birds. The main island of Bangaland is the island with the highest bird and animal attendance in the region. Regulars include:

  • sand piper,
  • golden plover,
  • Green and red calves.

Places to visit:

Beautiful birds spreading their wings, stunning lagoons and laid-back serenity are everywhere. Different parts of the territory are known for different reasons. Here’s a roundup on where to go.

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The southernmost island is Minicoy: a crescent-shaped island with the largest lagoon in Lakshadweep. It is also described as a female island that tapers at the northern end like a thin strip of land only a few tens of meters wide. Indulge in coral reefs and countless coconut plantations. Famous for tuna fishing and canning as well as the iconic 300-foot lighthouse, the island is heavily influenced by the Maldives.


This is the most exotic island, but has no beaches. The shallow lagoons around the islands are ideal for all kinds of water sports.


The largest island in the region, surrounded by lush coconut plantations. Most water transport stops here before departing to their destination.

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Agatti is the gateway to Lakshadweep as it is the only island with an airport. The waters here are perfect for fishing and water sports. So you can snorkel and water ski during the day and go fishing at night. On top of that, there are amazing excursions to nearby islands. Such as teardrop shaped Bangaram and exotic Karpiti.

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Adventure Sports:

La Cardiff Sea will lure you into deep sea fishing, yachting and diving. This place has some of the best swimming spots and most sought after diving schools in the world, with certified instructors guiding you every step of the way.

indulge in

  • short distance kayaking
  • Snorkel to nearby reefs
  • Water skiing for all ages
  • Scuba diving to experience underwater magic
  • Fishing and sailing for those who love to sail.

A holiday at Lakshadweep includes a full-on positive experience with aquatic flora and fauna, as well as some beautiful virgin beaches that are so perfect that you might end up looking like a beach model in a foreign fashion shoot. This place is well connected through Kerala through various flight and boat services.