Lara Dutta Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Lara Dutta Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Lara Dutta Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips


The former Miss Universe 2000 rocked the world with her aura even in her 30s. Besides being one of B-town’s seasoned actresses, Lara Dutta isn’t a regular face on movie screens these days, instead adopting other norms like yoga and motherhood to keep herself busy.

But maintaining such beauty at this age is pretty hard, but Lara’s doing it so easily makes you wonder what’s the secret behind it?

Some of her beauty tips are:

Food Tips:

Laura has admitted to being a big foodie in the past, but she restrains herself and follows her heart. This mom is a huge fitness freak and watching her food intake is part of her daily meal plan. As a vegan, she sticks to nature’s gifts such as fresh fruits and vegetables. She considers breakfast to be one of the main meals of the day, lunch is secondary and dinner is the least important.

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Fitness freak:

Lara Dutta revealed in a 2011 issue of the Hindustan Times that she needs yoga as much as she needs oxygen, hearing her say “I can’t live without yoga”. With celebrity fitness trainer Zarine Watson, she loses fat by doing a bucket of yoga. Her usual 5-day-a-week program focuses on cardio and strength training. She also gained personal experience releasing a fitness CD with Lara called HEAL.

Facing Skills:

No-frills Lara is passionate about organic and eco-friendly products. She is often seen wearing a homemade mask from time to time. She has little tricks like getting rid of puffy eyes quickly, and all she needs is some ice cubes on her puff. She revealed that some Parsi women she’s been in contact with have told her that sandalwood powder and rose water help with any type of skin problem. But her favorite is fresh aloe vera gel.

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beautiful eyes:

Lara is the kind of girl who always needs her eyes to be perfect and pretty, which is why these peeps never leave the house without any eyeliner or mascara on. Her daytime routine includes plenty of mascara and the occasional blush or lipstick. She saves the heavy eye makeup for the evening.

Favorite product:

Laura opens up about her favorite products that she can’t live without. First on her list is her body moisturizer, which is her mandatory regime. For this, she prefers Fresh Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Crème over any other product because it locks in moisture in the skin. Her other must-haves include Sisley Face crème, Kiehl’s lip balm and Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express mascara.

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Hair Care:

Because she often needs to change and dye her hair if her career requires it, which is why she makes sure to get protein treatments from time to time. Hair loss is something she fears and hates, so it’s not uncommon for her to come in regularly for a head massage or a hot oil scalp massage. She prefers towel dry as it protects her from split ends.

Hair Repair:

Despite her tight hair habit, there are many times in every woman’s life when she has a bad day with her hair, and Laura is no exception. But she gave us a sneak peek at her greasy hair problem, tackling a little talc on her scalp and detangling her greasy hair thoroughly. She feels that even if someone is having a bad day, grooming and fixing their hair can help improve their mood. Because she hates hair at the head of the bed, she also emphasizes tying her hair when flying outdoors.


Although her makeup bag is full of products she loves, she essentially emphasizes not to put on too much cake makeup when she’s not at work. She prefers her makeup collection to be a nude shade that blends nicely with her tones and gives her a natural yet subtle look. However, her most important product before heading out is her sunscreen lotion moisturizing.


She revealed that Thierry Mugler Angel is one of the historic fragrances she wears day in and day out. But she had a special fragrance that night, and that was Tom Ford Black Orchid.