List of 25 Best Telugu Thriller Movies You Can't Miss

List of 25 Best Telugu Thriller Movies You Can’t Miss

List of 25 Best Telugu Thriller Movies You Can’t Miss

If you love watching movies and are a big fan of the thriller genre, then we bring you this list of regional Telugu thrillers and must-see movies. With an engaging storyline, great actors and actresses, suspense surrounding the tracks, these are the best Telugu thrillers for all movie fanatics.

All these best thriller movies in Telugu are available to watch on web OTT platforms or online. Check them out, you’ll thank us later!

List of Top 25 Tollywood Mystery Thriller Movies:

Here we have collected a list of the best and most famous Telugu and Tollywood thrillers and amazing movies of all time.

1. Aite (2003):

Aithe is an old movie released in the first half of the previous decade. While it didn’t see a box office hit, the film did receive applause for a unique and original story and an excellent cast and performance. The plot revolves around a gang that hijacks a plane with four of his men. Interestingly, the person who hijacked the plane was not a terrorist or had any criminal record, but did so to cause terror on a global scale. This is an excellent psychological thriller.

2. Aravind’s film (2005):

This film from the early 2000s remains a classic and must-see thriller in Telugu movie lists. The plot revolves around director Alavender and an actor on a road trip to find storyline inspiration for the upcoming film. However, special circumstances occur when the script dictates their lives and turns them into real-life people. This is a must-see for anyone looking to get started in the thriller genre in Tollywood. We love this in a Telugu suspense thriller.

3. Anukokunda Oka Roju (2005):

Starring Jaghapati Bhabu and Chami Kaul, this film is a must-see and top movie in the Telugu industry thriller right now. The plot revolves around an actress attending a party who is unknowingly drugged and wakes up after a day’s hiatus. She doesn’t remember anything that happened in the intervening days. Suddenly, she starts to be hunted down by people who want to kill her, and that’s when she realizes that something is wrong and she has to find out what happened on Day Zero.

4. Casikea (2014):

Starring actor Nikhil, the story revolves around a mysterious situation who visits a place called Subramanyapuram for the purpose of a medical camp. While the villagers were always afraid of a deadly snake in the temple, the actor investigated and solved the mystery. It’s a movie with a very unique storyline, and it has a great acting and a great script.

5. Drusham (2014):

The critically acclaimed film Drushyam was a huge hit at the time and is a must-see for thrillers and suspense. Played by stars Venkatesh Daggubati and Meena, the plot revolves around how the actor (he’s a simple cable operator) must protect and protect his family when his daughter is unexpectedly Killed a man who tried to blackmail and molest her. Now he must spare no effort to protect and save his family and cover up the accidental crime.

6. Nino Cardin (2014):

The film casts superstar Mahesh Babu in a psychological thriller. It was well received by the audience at the time. The plot revolves around the film’s rock star actor, who is psychologically suppressed by the death of his parents. While he has short-lived memories of them and the circumstances of his death, he must unravel and unravel the mysterious circumstances.

7. Anna Mika (2014):

Directed by Shekar Kammula and Nayanthara, this is a captivating and unique film with a compelling storyline. The film revolves around Tamil Brahmin Anna Mika, who is in Hyderabad searching for her missing husband. A police officer who supported her helped her in the search. However, the plot changes when clues to her husband come in a different way, and he’s like a bombed terrorist. The rest of the story is if she manages to find her husband and the truth behind his disappearance.

8. Maya (2014):

The film Maaya revolves around a young TV reporter, a woman with abnormal sensory perception syndrome. With Syndrome, she can see and predict the future ahead of time. But when she meets a man behind her for love, love at first sight, she has to overcome her sensory insight and struggle with problems. The film is a perfect blend of a brand new storyline, while also containing romance and suspense.

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9. Badram (2014):

The Tamil film Thegidi is dubbed in Telugu and the film is titled Bhadram. The plot revolves around a young detective who must constantly observe his work in order to gather information. But the plot twists when all of his subjects die in several accidents that mysteriously occur in several common patterns. Now it’s up to him to understand and expose the deception behind the murder. Based on a crime thriller, this movie is worth watching.

10. 16 Every detail counts (2017):

We bet most of you haven’t even heard of this movie. Although it is called Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru in Tamil, the dubbed version in Telugu is the given movie title. The plot of the film revolves around how investigators are assigned to investigate the mysterious deaths of a couple. This is a gripping and very unique storyline movie. The film was a huge hit in Tamil and is a blockbuster, well worth watching.

11. U-turn (2018):

U-turn is a hit movie starring Samantha. It is released in Telugu and Tamil. In the film’s plot, the actress works with a leading newspaper to investigate and write about accidents and events that take place around the city. The film takes a turn when a motorist faces death on an overpass while violating a specific traffic rule. She was arrested and charged with the murder of a motorist, and the rest of the film revolves around why several incidents recur on specific flyovers. This is a fascinating suspense thriller movie.

12. Evaro (2018):

The Evaru film is a remake of the hit Spanish thriller The Invisible Guest. Starring Regina Cassandra and Adive Sesh, the film follows the challenging murder mystery that the actress investigates. Although the lighting is taken from a Spanish film, the Telugu version is slightly altered and modified, with twists and turns. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves gripping thrillers that will keep you in suspense.

13. Awe (2018):

Awe is another delightful film with a psychological and twisted plot. It’s a movie that keeps you in suspense with a mysterious plot until the end of the movie. Well-known actors such as Nithya Menon, Regina Cassandra, Ravi Teja and Kajal Agarwal have all starred in the film. The film revolves around women with multiple personality disorders, who play several characters that portray various reflections of their own lives.

14. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya (2019):

The film received a lot of praise and applause upon its release. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya, played by up-and-coming star Naveen Polishetty, is a crime thriller that blends humor and fun. The protagonist here is an inexperienced detective who has been waiting for a tall case to gain a foothold in the industry. When that happens, the movie is all about how he handles the case in a smart, clever and funny way. This is a must-see among recent Telugu thriller movies.

15. Game over (2019):

Starring Taapsee Pannu, the film is produced in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. It revolves around the Telugu psychological thriller genre and has received rave reviews in the industry. The film tells how the actress solves the mystery when a serial killer enters the house, and how she plays a twisted game to save herself through a tense and terrifying plot. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves the thriller genre.

16. Rakshasa Shudu (2019):

It’s a popular action thriller with a crime-based storyline. Investigators and Deputy Inspectors must catch a mysterious serial killer who is widely publicized for killing and targeting teenage girls. However, in exceptional cases, the inspector has to pay a heavy price. The rest of the story follows how and if he manages to catch the killer.

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17. Seven (2019):

With unique storylines and an excellent cast, seven are not well known in the list of thriller genres. A police officer must uncover and investigate the identity of a man named Karthik. The investigation was not carried out due to multiple conflicting versions of statements about the man’s identity. When someone came to share the connection with him, another claimed he died decades ago. The plot now is how the police unravel the mysterious case. It is one of the best suspense thrillers in Telugu.

18. Arjun Suravaram (2019):

Likewise, the new version of Arjun Suravaram, played by teenage star Nikhil, was a huge success in the film industry at the time. The film is a crime thriller about an investigative journalist who is detained for carrying false documents. Now it’s up to him how he exposes the whole crime and deception behind the story.

19. Fifth (2020):

Actor Nani has a high profile in the film, directed by the famous Mohan Krishna Indra Ghandi, which is based on the action thriller. It revolves around what happens when a cop and a serial killer come together. The officer challenged the latter to capture him. It’s a lightweight watch with no serious cases, but an exciting and gripping storyline. This is a must see latest suspense thriller movie Telugu.

20. Aswartama (2020):

The newly released Aswathama is a suspenseful crime thriller. The plot revolves around an NRI man returning to India for his sister’s wedding. However, the plot takes a turn when he realizes she’s not around and something terrible happens to her. Now left to find the truth, he unravels and tells the story of several serial crimes against women. This is one of the new Telugu crime thrillers.

21. Andakararam (2020):

The most recent versions, Andhakaaram in Telugu and Andhagaaram in Tamil, have caused quite a stir. Should give a very interesting and engaging storyline. The plot revolves around the stories of three lives and how they overlap each other in weird and terrifying circumstances. It’s a must-see and will definitely give you goosebumps in some cases. Now it is one of the best and most famous top crime suspense thrillers in Telugu.

22. Rahu (2020):

Raahu is a little-known movie released a few months ago. The story is based on a hysterical blind man. When she is under tremendous stress, she goes blind. The storyline takes a twist as she overcomes difficulties and she must battle the man who brought blood to her life. This is how she overcomes her fears in unusual situations.

23. Gasham (2020):

Gatham is a casual thriller in the Telugu movie list. It’s a recently released movie and the plot revolves around the actor and his girlfriend on their way to meet the man’s father. A special situation arises when their car breaks down and they have to stay in a stranger’s house. It’s an unusual situation when an actor is in contact with a stranger and has to get out of it.

24. Nishabudam (2020):

Starring legendary actors Anushka Shetty and Madhavan, the film is an underrated gem of a recently released thriller. It revolves around an officer investigating the murder of a woman, Sakshi, a deaf artist, and a man. Husband is involved in murder, storyline…