Madhuri Dixit's 10 Best Photos Without Makeup

Madhuri Dixit’s 10 Best Photos Without Makeup

Madhuri Dixit’s 10 Best Photos Without Makeup

Madhuri Dixit is known as one of the best actresses in Indian cinema. She made her film debut in 1984 with the film “Abodh” and became popular after “Tezaab” in 1988. She won the box office 6 times, including 4 best actress awards. She also received the honor of Padma Shri. Madhuri has been a very good dancer since childhood. She has a beautiful face and an extraordinarily ordinary smile, which makes her very attractive.

Gorgeous Madhuri Dixit Photos Without Makeup:

Below we’ve been doing no makeup pics with the radiant madhuri dixit that are sure to inspire you how beautiful she has been for a long time.

1. Madhuri clicked on an event:

Below is an old photo clicked at an event where the young Madhuri was captured smiling happily, without makeup. She wears a ‘salwar suit’ in ‘mehendi’ colour embroidered with orange, violet and maroon flowers and green on the leaves.

2. Pretty Pink:

Here’s a photo that was clicked indoors, and the actress wore a pretty pink and silver dress that dropped to her ankles. She has a long shawl and a skirt that falls from her left shoulder, straight down. She has heavy silver jewellery around her neck, her hair is kept open and hanging from the left side, and only a little makeup is applied to her face.

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3. New mothers:

Madhuri was in the hospital with her newborn baby without makeup. She seems to have been discharged from the hospital, her face looks weak due to the operation, but the glory of being a new mother is refracting from her face. She was wearing a blue shirt and her hair was neatly tied back.

4. Madhuri and her family:

The photo was clicked when the actress was with her husband and their two sons. She wore a red and orange ‘salwar’ combination with a pattern stitched on it. All makeup on her face is free, just wearing a little “tika”.

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5. Practice the dance for the reward function:

Madhuri got the hit as she prepared her dance for her performance at the awards ceremony. She wears a pink “salwar” with a white pattern on it. Her “dupatta” is tied around her waist, and she appears to be posing between her dance practices. In this photo, she has no makeup on her face.

6. Another dance practice still:

If it’s the same event as seen above, this is another snap of the madhuri dixit in practice without makeup. She wore a sea green printed ‘salwar’ which also featured white, yellow and maroon. She got hit again while practicing. Her hair is parted from one side and tied back like a pony.

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7. In the prayer meeting:

This photo was taken when actress madhuri got off her car to attend a prayer meeting. She wears a white ‘salwar’ with a pattern sewn on it. She wears a pair of brown sunglasses and her hair is open. Her sandals are brown with a flower as a design and look stylish.

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8. At the airport:

The photo was clicked at the airport, and the actress shrugs her shoulders in a plain face, a yellow synthetic top. She was wearing a pair of black jeans and was holding an orange bag in her left hand. She wears a round silver necklace and her sandals are also silver. She wears a pair of brown sunglasses over her pretty eyes.

9. Madhuri with her beautiful smile:

When all actresses wear makeup, all Madhuri needs is her smile. This photo captures her face from the side, as well as her beautiful smile. We see her wearing a black top with her hair left open. This is one of the best pictures of madhuri dixit without makeup.

10. When teaching dance with Madhuri:

This photo is from her new online dance academy, Dancing With Madhuri. This photo was clicked while Madhuri was teaching applicants her dance moves online. She was wearing a black and grey shirt and black sweatpants. Her hair was loose and neatly tied at the back like a pony.