Monica Bellucci's Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Monica Bellucci’s Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Monica Bellucci’s Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Monica Bellucci is a very successful supermodel actress. Dior is a very famous brand she endorses. No one can deny that she is a Hollywood heroine and a model that every model looks up to. She can be both sensual and elegant, which sets her apart. She has unparalleled beauty as she ages. We will now see how she takes care of her evergreen beauty.

Monica Bellucci Beauty Secret:

Monica Bellucci is born beautiful:

Every model or actor always needs makeup to help them look perfect and beautiful, but instead, Monica Bellucci is a star who tries to keep her away from excessive makeup, which makes people look “plastic”. She cites that beauty is meaningless if it is not inhabited.

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Monica Bellucci Makeup:

This lady prefers to wear minimal makeup, even if she’s going to an event. She likes to use the Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation as her base. The foundation is light and a little makeup is all she needs.

Cons of Monica Bellucci Hair Treatment:

The actress washes her hair twice a week, no more than once. She believes the chemicals in shampoos can be harmful if used unnecessarily. She usually dilutes the shampoo with water before applying it to her hair to reduce the alkaline content. She also prefers to air dry her hair instead of blow drying, which is harmful and can cause hair breakage.

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Cons of Monica Bellucci Eye Makeup:

Monica Bellucci is more focused on her eye makeup than her face. She likes to use natural shades for her eyes, her favorites are brown and gray eyes. She likes to wear mascara, which is usually black. She feels her mascara completes her look and she always prefers Dolce & Gabbana Intense Eye mascara.

Cons of Monica Bellucci Lip Makeup:

Simplicity is key to her style and beauty, but when it comes to lip makeup, she likes to be a little experimental. Monica Bellucci loves to experiment with different lip colors. She’s constantly experimenting with new colors, but her favorite is a juicy red lipstick. She uses red because she feels it makes her more attractive.

Cons of Monica Bellucci Skin Care:

By the age of 40, women usually start seeking help from a doctor through surgery to maintain youthful skin that doesn’t look old and dull. Monica Bellucci is an amazing actress, she didn’t have surgery, instead she’s happy, she’s enjoying the change in her skin. One should always allow change to happen over time. Youth is not eternal, but simplicity and natural beauty are. She actually proved what natural beauty really means.

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Monica Bellucci Diet Tips:

Monica Bellucci is not a skinny woman and seems to be on a diet. She loves to eat, but she absolutely keeps herself. Like most European beauties, she likes a portion-controlled diet. She eats whatever she wants, but she maintains a good line and doesn’t overeat an unhealthy diet. She also drinks water regularly as an integral part of her diet.

Monica Bellucci fitness tips:

Since the supermodel isn’t too keen on maintaining a painful diet, and she eats what she loves, she tends to balance this by putting in a little extra effort in her fitness. Swimming is one of the most enjoyable sports, and she emphasizes swimming for 45 minutes at least 4 days a week. She also does yoga and meditation regularly to keep her body and mind at peace.