Neha Dhupia Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Neha Dhupia Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Neha Dhupia Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips


Former Miss India Neha Dhupia is a model-turned-actress known for her talent, beauty and charming personality. She has beautiful skin that many women envy, and her toned body makes her look like the perfect model that Indians crave.

Neha Dhupia’s Beauty and Fitness Tips:

Let’s take a look at the best Neha Dhupia beauty secrets.

Beauty system:

Everyone has their own way of staying beautiful. Neha Dhupia lets us know about the regular skincare regimen she follows religiously. She continued her normal cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. She likes to keep it natural, so she prefers to use Multani Mitti, honey and lemon together, or use her face as an exfoliator. She also consumes a lot of water, which she knows will keep her skin healthy and youthful.


Models and actresses always wear makeup, especially during filming. Neha will try to wash off her makeup if not needed. She tends to reject chemical makeup removers, preferring to take the time to use baby oil, which not only helps clean but nourishes her face. For outings, all she likes to use is sunscreen and lip gloss or lip balm. She admits she’s picky about her brands, and she hasn’t given up on MAC and Bobbi Brown because they suit her so well.

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Hair Care:

Neha gets a weekly oil massage to rejuvenate her hair. If she’s having a “bad hair day,” the actress will only wear a ponytail in her hair. She kept it away from her face and left it as she was, because she believed the more she tried to fix it, the messier it would get. She also undergoes deep conditioning treatments and hair spas from professionals to keep her hair vibrant.

Eye Makeup:

The actress likes to do a lot of eye makeup. As mentioned, she doesn’t use brands other than MAC and Bobbi Brown, so she uses the same brand for her eyes. She loves to outline her eyes with eyeliner, and mascara is a must-have in her makeup bag.

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Lip Care:

You’ll never find the actress overdosing on makeup for her lips. For the usual outings, she prefers lip balm and even carries it with her wherever she goes. She sticks to orange lipsticks that work for her, as well as lighter shades like cream and light brown that go perfectly with her beautiful smile.


People don’t realize how attractive and sexy well-maintained “dark” skin can look. One such example is Neha Dhupia, who has flawless Indian dark skin, which is believed to have been passed on to her by her mother. She doesn’t even face too many skin problems, she believes the more fuss you make about your hair or skin, the more screwed up you are.

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Diet Tips:

Neha avoids greasy food, especially when she’s out shooting. She doesn’t even like spicy food. Non-greasy homemade food is her favorite. She also stays away from too many sweets and works hard to maintain a healthy diet, serving proper food on time, and avoiding all kinds of junk food. She likes to drink vegetable and fruit juices.

Fitness Tips:

Neha exercises every day, which includes cardio and weight training. She even tries to find time to practice yoga twice or three times a week to relax. She eats less and exercises more because she believes that what you eat is what your face shows.