Pear, rectangle, hourglass, apple, etc.

Pear, rectangle, hourglass, apple, etc.

Pear, rectangle, hourglass, apple, etc.

We always admire our favorite celebrities. Their fashion sense, look, appearance, perfectly fitted body and more. But have you observed that not everyone is the same; they all have different looks and bodies. Everyone has a different type of body type, and even celebrities fall into the same category. This makes everyone look different from each other, but with the right look sets the glamour quotient.

Today, we’re here to explore and learn about popular celebrity shapes and body types. Actresses and actors have their own body types that are rarely considered the most perfect and beautiful.

8 actresses and actors of different body types:

Here we go; we’ve compiled and looked at which specific types of body types are in most celebrities. So, let’s find out together!

1. Pear-Shaped Celebrities:

The pear-shaped body is mindful, looking for the lower body compared to the upper body. Don’t think that means a pear-shaped body needs a big butt. It just means the hips and thighs take center stage. So, in this case, creating the illusion of a loose fit at the bottom, like flared pants or wide-leg jeans, is perfect. The pear body shape is also known as the triangular body shape.Celebrities with pear-shaped bodies are

Ileana D Cruz Body Type

Rihanna figure

Kim Kardashian figure

2. Apple-shaped celebrities:

The apple-shaped body has the illusion that the upper body is thicker than the lower body. This means that attention is shifting to the chest and shoulders. In this case, women have a larger bust, wider shoulders, and a slender waist.Celebrities with this apple body shape are

Sonakshi Sinha Body Type

Kate Winslet figure

3. Oval Body Celebrities:

Just as a woman might have an apple-shaped body, in this case a man resembles an oval-shaped body. This means they technically look heavier than those with low-profile construction. The mid-waist area may not look as toned as women. In this context, celebrities include,

Oprah Winfrey figure

4. Celebrities with Rectangular Body Types:

Men and women with a rectangular body type are those with a straight body. It is also similar to slim and trim, and the overall look is sleek. In the case of women, it also appears petite. The rectangular shape is also another name for the banana body. Here, waist measurement is similar to hip or bust measurement.

Taylor Swift body type

Anushka Sharma Body Type

5. Hourglass Figure Celebrities:

The hourglass figure is considered one of the best body shapes for women. This means you have a commensurate body. Here, the waist of the woman is very well defined, with a well-proportioned upper and lower body. This is also considered the hottest body structure. One can easily flaunt the right figure in this shape. Notable celebrities in the hourglass include,

Beyonce body type

Katrina Cave body type

Jennifer Lopez body type

6. Inverted Triangle Body Celebrities:

As you can understand from the name itself, here you have wider shoulders, but overall it’s a very stylish and athletic looking build. But the waist is thin and tight, and the legs are thin. This type of body structure is considered sporty and fits perfectly! An inverted triangle should not be confused with an apple because the shoulders are wider than the hips. Here, toned legs, toned waist and bust are not the same as the latter. There are female stars with an inverted triangle figure,

Angelina Jolie figure

Sonam Kapoor body type

Cindy Crawford figure

7. Celebrities with a Spoon Body:

Well, this body type may be rarely heard by many people. In this case, it may look similar to a pear, such as the hips being larger than the bust. Where the scoop-shaped body differs, however, is the shelf-like appearance. There is a little weight near the arms and thighs, but the waist is very clear. Celebrities with a spoon shape include,

Cheryl Burke body type

American Ferrara body type

8. Diamond Body Celebrities:

As the name suggests, in the case of a diamond body shape, you have a fuller waist, but a very narrow and well-defined bust. In addition, the hips are wider than the shoulders, and overall, the upper and lower body are more symmetrical than the middle. Men are more likely than women to have this body type.

Queen Latifah

These are the most popular known body types. We hope you enjoyed learning about popular celebrity body shapes and their types. What do you think of them? Let us know what you think too!