Photos of Janhvi Kapoor 1-24: Childhood, family and co-stars

Photos of Janhvi Kapoor 1-24: Childhood, family and co-stars

Photos of Janhvi Kapoor 1-24: Childhood, family and co-stars


The newcomers to Bollywood are raining! With all the star kids choosing to follow the path of their parents, there is no shortage of fresh talent in the industry. Janhvi Kapoor is such a rising sensation that she was getting unprecedented hype even before she got in. With her influential background and charming looks, she was able to turn her acting dreams into reality with ease.

Janhvi is the newest kid on the block, better known as the darling of legendary actress Sridevi. Her father, Boney Kapoor, is a well-known producer in the industry. Her little sister Khushi Kapoor is often seen with her in many photos. She also has two half-siblings, “2 States” actors Arjun Kapoor and Anshura Kapoor. She is from the famous “Kapoor Khaandan” favorite, and her high-profile cousins ​​include Sonam Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor.
Find out more about the teenage girl and the latest photos of Janhvi Kapoor.

Janhvi Kapoor Personal Life:

Below is a brief overview of Janhvi Kapoor’s biography and other details of her personal and professional life:

1. Age and Date of Birth:

Janhvi was born on March 6, 1997 in Mumbai and is 24 years old. She currently lives in a luxury apartment in the Lokhandwala Complex in Andheri, Mumbai. Her nationality is Indian and she was born Hindu. Her zodiac sign is Pisces and Hindi is her native language.

2. School education and higher education:

Janhvi is an alumnus of Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai. Later, she moved to the United States to pursue her acting dreams. She took theatre and film courses at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Academy in Los Angeles.

3. Body contour, facial features:

Talking about her vital statistics, Janhvi Kapoor is 163 cm or 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her approximate weight is 50 kg and her body measurements are 32-26-32. She has pink complexion and black hair. Her eyes are dark brown. She has a beautiful structure and she works hard to maintain it. Before the movie, she was slightly chubby, but has undergone a huge transformation.

4. Hobbies, favorite foods and other interests:

Janhvi is a huge movie buff and spent her early years watching her favorite actors. She admires Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, Waheeda Rahman and Nutan of the older generation. She likes Karina Kapoor, Salman Khan and Shahid Kapoor from the current acting era. Janhvi’s favorite movies are “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” and “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”.

She also likes non-vegetarian food, including meat dishes and even Italian food. Her favorite costume designer is “Manish Malhotra”. Janhvi also enjoys traveling and singing.

5. Social media presence:

Janhvi Kapoor is very active on social media and has made her profile public for easy access. She fills her stories and posts with stunning photos of her and provides regular updates on daily happenings. She also enjoys taking her fans on virtual tours of all the places she visits with family and friends. If you want to enjoy her photos, please follow the handle below:

  • Instagram: @janhvikapoor
  • Twitter: @janhvikapoorr
  • Facebook: @OfficialJanhviKapoor

Janhvi Kapoor Career-:

Janhvi Kapoor has just finished filming a movie and is already in the limelight for his charming looks and passion for cinema. Here’s everything you need to know about her journey:

1. The first movie:

Janhvi’s mother Sridevi was always worried about her daughter entering Bollywood. She never accepted the decision, but eventually had to back down after much persuasion. She plans to launch with Karan Johar’s “Student of the Year 2”. However, the film was delayed and “Dhadak” became her debut. In 2018, she faced off against Shahid Kapoor’s brother, Ishaan Khattar, and did well at the box office.

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2. Awards and nominations:

The up-and-coming star won the Zee Cine Award for Best Female Debut for her natural expression and seamless dialogue delivery in Dudak. In addition to winning awards, her brilliant performance also won the hearts of critics and audiences.

3. Upcoming Movies:

It is no exaggeration to say that Janhvi Kapoor has done a great job signing new projects. She currently has four films on hand. Her poster of Karan Johar’s “Kargil Girl” has been circulating on the internet. Apart from that, she also worked in a horror comedy drama “Roohi Afza” opposite Rajkumar Rao and Doo starring “Takht” in which Who’s Who in the industry starred. She also has a role in “Dostana 2”, the sequel to the super hit movie “Dostana”.

Jhanvi Kapoor Photos: Childhood, Parents, Friends and Movies:

Fall in love with this beauty all over again with these beautiful and sizzling images of her:

1. The Eye of the Apple:

Check out this photo of baby Janhvi Kapoor with her mother Sridevi and father Boney Kapoor. The little doll is dressed as a lady, and her twinkling eyes will melt your heart like ice cream!

2. Birthday girl:

Janhvi’s first birthday celebration was full of pomp and laughter. Seen here is the cute little cutie who is excited to try her first bite of the cake with mom and dad. How tiny she looks!

3. Mom’s Rabbit:

How cute is Sridevi’s daughter Janhvi smiling with her adorable bunny. The pair appeared to be wearing a pair of overalls and a T-shirt. We are discussing who is prettier in this photo!

4. Dad’s little toys:

This is one of Janhvi’s favorite pictures with her father Boney (2). To the outside world, he may be a stern producer, but to his daughter, she is just a doting father who loves her to heaven and earth!

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5. With baby sister:

Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor are Bollywood’s most popular sisters. They have huge fan bases on their Instagram accounts and are known for their enviable relationship.

6. The pretender:

This photo of Janhvi made us “laugh out loud”. Just look at her playful expression and her angel costume. She seems to be having fun posing for her audience!

7. Weird:

Janhvi has a lot of shades on her and this one shows her weird side. This joking girl always pleases others by making faces and joking. No wonder why she’s such a solid entertainment material.

8. Kapoor Cousins:

Do you know who these little girls are? Yes! In the upper left corner is Maheep Kapoor, daughter of Sanjay Kapoor and Janhvi. Khushi looks cute with a toothless smile.

9. Family portrait:

Sridevi always emphasizes taking photos with family members. In this painting, grown daughters pose for a photo with their parents. Janhvi still maintains her innocence.

10. Fun at school:

There are no days like school days! Janhvi made sure to enjoy every moment of her golden years. This rare photo of her having fun with her friends is definitely what you need to see today!

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11. Photo with mom:

You simply can’t get away from these beautiful women! Janhvi is going from a chubby girl to an elegant lady. She poses with her dearest mom and their smiles brighten our day!

12. Before and after nose job:

Remember Sridevi’s nose job? Janhvi followed in her mother’s footsteps and received a surgeon’s scalpel to sharpen her facial features. Which version of her do you like?

13. Beach Babe:

Check out one of the top photos from Janhvi Kapoor’s vacation. The whole family got into beach mode and had a great time. This is one of the earliest bikini photos.

14. Get off:

The “Dadak” star looked so relaxed and beautiful as she stepped out of the car. She loves fancy big cars and is often hit by paparazzi of different models.

15. The controversial kiss:

Janhvi made headlines with this photo, but for the wrong reasons. She was clicked to kiss her boyfriend Akshat Ranjan, who happened to be her childhood partner. How did Sridevi react to this? A big question!

16. Fitness time:

Say hello to this gorgeous doll walking out of the gym! Even after an intense workout, Janhvi looks as fresh as dewdrops. She’s often stalked by the media, and they don’t leave a chance to click on her hot stills in tracksuits.

17. All decorations:

Indian ace designer Manish Malhotra is a regular for the entire family. Check out this wallpaper photo of Janhvi, Khushi and Sridevi looking golden. Bonnie seems too happy with his girls.

18. Dudak Film Launch:

Just months after her mother died, Janhvi, 21, had to collect all her smiles for her debut. She is very calm and patient in responding to the media!

19. With her “half” family:

To put an end to gossip about her first family relationship with Boni, Janhvi posted a number of photos of her with Anshula and Arjun Kapoor. They have sorted the differences and are as good as a parivaar!

20. Scrolls and real-life Kargil girls:

We can’t wait to see Janhvi kill Gunjan’s character in Kargil Girl. Spotted is a 22 year old Kargil Girl pictured with real IAF pilot Gunjan Saxena, 46! More power for you, girl!

Janhvi Kapoor, Sridevi’s baby boy, is definitely on his way to the A-list. She has all the talent and character to carry on her mother’s legacy. Despite the enormous pressure, she was able to handle it seamlessly and continue her moves like a pro. For more updates and latest news from Janhvi, follow her social media handles.