Pictures of Pondicherry's famous park

Pictures of Pondicherry’s famous park

Pictures of Pondicherry’s famous park

Pondicherry has beautifully preserved the essence of French flavour exuded by French colonial architecture. The city is very well planned, well maintained and decorated with some of the most beautiful parks and gardens you will encounter in India.

Pondicherry also retains the freshness and serenity of the Indo-French culture, which is synonymous with brightly coloured buildings in clear blue waters, like a page in a romantic fairy tale. This is our selection of the most visited parks and gardens in the only Union territory where French is spoken most.

Pondicherry’s beautiful parks and pictures:

Botanical Garden:

Arranged in a gorgeous French style, with manicured trees, gorgeous flower beds and gravel-paved paths and bodies of water, the entrance itself will mesmerize you. The French introduced over 1,500 species of plants, making it a biodiverse flora, the best in southern India. It has a special light and sound show and a fountain in the middle of the garden.

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Borneo Park:

This luscious green space in the center of town is a much-needed relief from the rays of the smoldering summer sun. People can sit and relax on the granite benches while the children play in the park or in the mountains and splash in the pond water. It’s a beautiful place to even shoot a movie. Very popular public place in town.

The brightly lit Aayi Mandapam stands starkly in the middle of the park, adding to its humble skyline. It’s a French colonist’s memorial to a prostitute who built a reservoir in her own home in Pondicherry.

Chunnan Bar Backwater:

About 8 kilometers from the main town, this tropical paradise is flanked by a calm flowing stream. Sail down the creek to the sand and camp in a comfortable tent. Or book a treehouse and enjoy the best of the great outdoors in ecotourism. These treehouses are the go-to spot for family picnics and laid-back recluses. Take a trip to the ocean and witness the sight of playful dolphins frolic around their natural habitat.

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Aurobindo Retreat:

The ashram is a testament to Sri Aurobindo’s simple life and high morals, while the courtyard has gorgeous greenery. Beautiful flowers, colorful and fragrant, adorn the samadhi in the center and are scattered throughout the complex. Serene, serene, peaceful are the best words to describe this place.

Double statue:

As a fitting tribute to the legendary Francois Dupleix, the former governor of French settlements in India, his statue was posthumously awarded by the French government in recognition of his service. A beautiful backdrop overlooks a colorful children’s park at the southern end of the well-maintained Gubert Avenue Boulevard.

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Statue of Joan of Arc:

The Federal Territory of Pondicherry has a picturesque natural landscape. The former French colony is also full of history, as evidenced by numerous historical statues such as the statue of Joan of Arc.

The statue of Joan of Arc stands in glorious original marble, surrounded by a well-tended garden, in front of L’Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges. A famous warrior, French avant-garde and follower of Christ, she was the embodiment of courage and confidence. The atmosphere created by this garden is aptly inspired, a quiet recluse after a tiring day at work.

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This small town has something for everyone, mainly to relax and live every day. With the wisdom of Sri Aurobindo, the courage and courage of Joan of Arc, the historical significance and unparalleled natural beauty of Pondicherry, one cannot fail to cherish every minute of it.