Sharon Stone - Beauty Tips & Meal Plans

Sharon Stone – Beauty Tips & Meal Plans

Sharon Stone – Beauty Tips & Meal Plans


Twenty-one years later, Sharon Stone is still rocking her killer figure and alluring looks, as temperatures rise since she played the beautiful and mysterious Katherine Trammell in erotic thriller “Instinct.” Even in her fifties, she managed to exude a sensuality that rivals any young starlet. Time has gracefully witnessed her age without the help of Botox and injections. Her beauty routine is simple and effective, coupled with a happy and healthy lifestyle, making this Dior spokeswoman look younger than she is 55 years old.

Sharon Stone’s skincare regimen:

While Sharon Stone attributes her beauty to her genes, she grew up knowing the importance of taking care of her skin, as evidenced by her youthful, radiant skin today. Her cleaning routine starts with Shiseido cleansing water or MAC wipes, never soap to avoid its irritating effects. Then she applied the moisturizer she’s been using since she was a child, thanks to her mother who instilled in us the importance of using a quality moisturizer day and night.

Sharon Stoner further recommends exfoliating the face and body once a week and using sunscreen consistently on the face, chest and hands. However, you’ll never find her fond of professional facials, instead finding time for regular massages and long soaks in the tub. She doesn’t smoke, stays away from caffeine and hard alcohol, but stays well hydrated. As far as plastic surgery goes, it’s a complete no-no for skinny actresses who like to embrace their age naturally.

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Sharon Stone’s Hair Care Tips:

Sharon Stone’s short hair became her signature style in her later years. She likes to wear short hair to look messy and even cuts her own hair often. She styled herself using a styling wax and sprayed with dry shampoo or powder to ensure her hair had good texture and spread. She also recommends not washing your hair every day, 3 to 4 times a week, and changing the brand of shampoo and conditioner from time to time. She also admitted to drinking water before getting her hair and makeup done.

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Sharon Stone’s fitness and diet tips:

Looking at Sharon Stone’s hot body, you wouldn’t say she’s far from a fitness fanatic. By her own admission, her workouts are enough to stay slim and fit. She opted for the stairs instead of the elevator, and parked at the farthest point from the entrance to exercise in a natural way. However, she is a fan of Pilates and ramped up her fitness routine before watching the movie. She works out 3 to 4 times a week, sometimes five full days a week, for an hour a day, and her fitness trainer helps her with a full-body workout. Additionally, Sharon enjoys walking on the beach, which she says helps her overall well-being.

As far as her diet goes, Sharon Stone maintains a moderate diet, eating what she wants, but making sure not to overeat. Her diet includes plenty of fish, lean meats, 4 to 5 eggs per week, less or no sugar soft drinks, and daily lactic acid drinks. She does love grilled food and enjoys grilled chicken, lamb, salmon and lean steak with steamed vegetables. She is a tea addict and likes to drink herbal tea with a glass of wine at dinner time. Her only indulgence is the dark chocolate she carries with her.

Everything else she leaves for attitude. Having the right mindset and an aura of confidence is the key to beauty, Ms. Stone said.