Shilpa Shetty's 15 Gorgeous Looks in Sarees

Shilpa Shetty’s 15 Gorgeous Looks in Sarees

Shilpa Shetty’s 15 Gorgeous Looks in Sarees

Since Shilpa Shetty sizzled the screen with her “Dilwalon ke dil ka karar lootne”, she has not only captured the hearts of UP, Bihar and the whole country! Shilpa is known for its timeless beauty that seems to grow with age. The designs of Shilpa Shetty sarees have made a splash in the fashion world. She is every designer’s dream model as she wears sarees effortlessly. With pleats below the navel, skinny skirts and sexy shirts, Shilpa Shetty is a true fashion icon. To our amazement, she transformed a simple saree into the perfect ensemble for the runway! So, let’s start with some of the best pictures from the Shilpa Shetty sarees collection!

Stunning Beauty & Photos of Shilpa Shetty in Saree:

Here is a collection of photos of sarees for Shilpa Shetty by the designer on the best of days.

1. Shilpa Shetty Saree Dress:

Shilpa Shetty is known for her love of sarees! Her curvaceous body is perfectly complemented by a fitted saree gown that combines the best of both worlds! She looked hot in this red and silver saree gown by Manish Malhotra! Strapless shirts with straight length cuts can really make us sweat! Three cheers for Shilpa Shetty Saree style!

2. Shilpa Shetty Kundra Designer Saree:

We are in love with the beauty of this red and yellow designer saree. Shilpa Shetty Kundra looks like a perfect Desibahu and certainly has a sense of style! The saree is adorned with chip work borders on both sides for an added lustrous element. Her well-crafted elbow-sleeved shirt made us wow!

3. Shilpa Shetty Wedding Saree:

Shilpa Shetty’s big wedding is still fresh in our memory! This lady is passionate about getting the best out of her D-day! This red Banarasi saree is known to be one of the most expensive wedding outfits in Bollywood! With intricate details and gorgeous Polki jewelry, she is our perfect bride!

4. Shilpa Shetty Lehenga Saree:

Shilpa Shetty looks like a real star in this yellow Lehenga saree. The bright shade of yellow complements her dull complexion nicely. The sarees are well crafted with gota and mirrors that add a subtle sheen to the outfit. We absolutely love how she paired it with a shiny mirror work shirt.

5. Shilpa Shetty in Silk Saree:

Check out this stunning photo of Shilpa Shetty in a traditional silk saree. Warli art, the red saree is meticulously hand woven to give this diva look flawless! The golden zari borders on both sides give it a regal feeling. Check out how she paired it with a stunning combination of black and white Ikkat blouses!

6. Shilpa Shetty Black Saree:

This photo of Shilpa Shetty is pure black magic! The lady is ready to surprise you with this elegant and sexy black saree. With a dream shirt and black velvet tie, there is no way to describe this beauty! Thumbs up for the diamond necklace she wore!

7. The beautiful swan:

Remember those swan sculptures made of pure ice you saw at Indian weddings? Doesn’t this saree remind you of them? Shilpa has always been a tall figure throughout her career and her body. Above is this heavenly silver pleated satin palu, the saree is actually coral light and cream shades and the main attraction, the palu is matched with the blouse.

8. Shilpa Shetty in Candy Colored Saree:

Today’s generation has embraced neon colors on trend, so as one of the fashionistas stuffing her wardrobe with the best collections of sarees, Shilpa is usually known for her keen sense of trend setting . Here, in this saree, all the candy pops, bright and youthful, are incorporated in shades of orange and lime green yellow with a pop of pink saree.

8. Gentle red:

In this elegant piece by the designer, Shilpa pairs the red hot saree nicely with the elegant ivory. The saree is satin which is why you see red sparkles and then white with gold borders and specks. This is one of her best looks.

9. Pink and Black:

This is a stylish and sophisticated saree that is well-dressed, which only Shilpa can do so well. The saree is designed in black and pink, two of the most outstanding and powerful colors blended with each other. In a feast of pink and black, ephemeral floral bevels are engraved on the saree, embodying the monochromatic florals on the blouse.

10. Shilpa Shetty in Saree Red:

Often you’ll see Shilpa dunking in gorgeous barrels, and the end result usually looks something like this. Shilpa is one of the most famous B-town figurines, with the perfect size in the perfect place, so taking off such a chic designer piece on a page three dive isn’t a big deal. The sarees are very red with lace patterns which are breathtaking and gorgeous.

12. Ordinary looks get hot:

Trust Shilpa Shetty to take the dull color and turn it into a beautiful piece of art. Usually not many of us use gray well and then there is an obvious strong statement that gray usually can’t make. Here, Shilpa elegantly wraps herself around grey, with charming detailing around the edges.

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13. Shilpa Shetty in Brown and Lacey Saree:

The sarees worn and decorated by Shilpa are made of soft brown and white fabrics with fine stitching of brown lace throughout. The saree is chiffon and mesh and the same pattern on the blouse is accentuated through the pure white pallu of the saree.

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14. Shilpa Shetty in Bubblegum Color Saree:

It’s a sweet pink with beautiful embellishments, Shilpa takes it off gracefully, and given her perfect figure, we always know that just about anything will look good on her trimmed structure. A red and gold saree on a body like hers is sure to set the stage on fire!

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15. Plain people:

In this interview, the saree embellished by Shilpa is very modest but a statement piece in ivory and off-white with floral prints and beautiful chiffon artwork. A body-hugging saree is perfectly paired with a beautifully crafted boat neck blouse. She kept her accessories to a minimum and looked sensational.

We know you can’t get enough of Shilpa Shetty’s saree photos! This beauty excels in every look, making her one of the paparazzi favorites. Her fitness mantras, diet tips and impeccable fashion sense are an inspiration to thousands of women. She told us that as long as you have confidence and work hard, there is nothing in the world that you can’t do!