Shriya Saran Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Shriya Saran Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Shriya Saran Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips


The talented young actress Shriya Saran from the South seems to be making waves in the Hindi and South Indian film industry. She burst onto the scene with her first Telugu film, Ishtam, but her performance in Santhosham put her on a path to commercial success. She had the chance to star alongside Rajinikanth in The Boss, which also earned her her first award for Best Tamil Actress.

Saran’s petite body and unpretentious beauty are as talked about as her acting skills. This actress is one of the few actresses who exudes beauty from the inside out. Given that she is a brand ambassador for multiple stores in India, speaking for beauty and wellness products in her own beauty regimen, Shriya keeps things simple and natural.

Shriya Saran Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips:

Shriya Saran credits her mother for her beautiful physique and beauty, although she does take extra steps with sleep, food and exercise, and reverts to some traditional beauty recipes that have worked magic for her. The Southern star doesn’t turn to high-end beauty products to keep her skin radiant. When not working, she wears it as little as possible on her face.

Her skin is radiant with the power of rose water, which she loves and uses regularly for an instant boost. She even carries a small bottle of rosewater spray and sometimes sprays it on her face after makeup for a beautiful glow. Her moisturizer is a blend of rose water and glycerin that also works as a toner. As for cleaning her face, she swears by the age-old remedy of besan mixed with turmeric or yogurt.

Shriya Saran’s large watery eyes and long lustrous hair are one of the most suffocating features of her alluring beauty. Her naturally long silky smooth hair is almost always draped loosely over her shoulders, giving her a flattering look.

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Her eyes told a different story. The Southern star loves highlighting her eyes with eyeliner, kajal, and mascara, even without other makeup essentials.

The actress’ sculpted figure is absolutely coveted. The secret behind it is an everyday physical activity that forms the essence of her daily life. As a Kathak-trained dancer, Shriya enjoys dancing and swimming, which has largely helped her stay in good shape, but since coming into the limelight, her dancing has slackened due to her erratic schedule. been affected. She has since turned to the healing power of yoga and meditation, practicing 45 minutes a day. She addresses her problem areas – abs and arms – and tones her body by mixing power and Iyengar yoga.

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Her other workouts include alternating between cardio, games, and swimming three times a week. One thing she stayed away from was a weight she didn’t feel suited her petite body.

When it comes to her eating habits, Shriya Saran makes no secret of her big appetite, even though she eats in moderation. She starts the day with a glass of orange juice and focuses on the main meal of the day – breakfast. Sleepy Beauty’s breakfast consists of an omelet made with egg whites, paratha and porridge, and sometimes a dosa. Lunch is an Indian-inspired staple with plain roti and dal. Although she likes fish, she doesn’t like red meat and chicken. She doesn’t like junk food, the only exception is Subway, she likes Thai food.

To maintain her perfect figure, she restricted her salt intake and drank plenty of water and juice. She also believes in eating small, frequent meals on a regular basis, and can find snacks on salads and sprouts. Shriya made a point of having dinner by 7:30pm and ending her day with a glass of milk.

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Shriya’s only temptation is chocolate, an indulgence she can never seem to get rid of, but a healthy diet combined with yoga has proven effective in shedding excess pounds from these excesses.