Sofia Vergara Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Sofia Vergara Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Sofia Vergara Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips


No one knew that Sofia Vergara was 41 years old and the mother of a 22-year-old son. The Latino bombshell can eclipse any young actress with her stunning looks and stunning physique. With her success as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s sitcom “Modern Family,” the Colombian actress, TV host and model is a complete duo. In a recent interview with Yahoo Shine, the four-time Golden Globe-nominated actress was candid about the time and effort she puts into her beauty and fitness routine. The cover girl’s face has a lot of beauty and makeup secrets under her sleeve, so for all Sofia Vergara fans, here’s an insight into how this Latina beauty maintains her stunning figure.

Sofia Vergara’s Beauty Secret

Skincare and Makeup:

Sofia Vergara makes no secret of the fact that she doesn’t like natural makeup. She puts a lot of effort into making herself look incredible at all times. She starts her beauty journey by applying a serum or moisturizer to her face, and properly advocates the use of sunscreen as the key to staying youthful. The 41-year-old star wears broad-spectrum sunscreen every day before going out.

There’s no denying that Sophia has never left the house without her lipstick, a necessity she simply can’t live without. Two must-haves in her purse are bold lipstick and touch-up concealer. Under normal circumstances, she would need an hour to dress herself up, while a day on the red carpet could take three days to prep herself. With so much time in the makeup chair, it’s no wonder “Modern Family” actresses always look their most glamorous.

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Eye Makeup Tips:

According to the veteran beauty, the key component of a glamorous evening dress starts with the eyes. The bold look, paired with big sexy lashes and shimmering eyeshadow, is her signature look for a dazzling evening. Not surprisingly, she loves the Cover Girl Shines ha dows eyelid color collection. An eyelash curler is a prerequisite before applying mascara. As for applying liquid eyeliner, the sultry actress has her own secret to holding her breath and applying makeup flawlessly.

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Hair Secrets:

Sofia Vergara’s naturally blond hair is brown in a stereotypical Latin look, and she uses several different hair tools to create her glamorous Hollywood hairstyle. From blow-drying hair with a round brush to using mousse, velcro curling irons, curling irons, hairspray and dry shampoo, all of this and more is needed to achieve a single hairstyle.

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Fitness and Diet:

Sofia Vergara’s amazing physique is a combination of good genetics and a daily fitness routine. Sophia’s love for a photo-ready face equals her dislike of going to the gym, but her obsession with looking incredible 24/7 is one of the things that keeps her in shape. Another is her battle with thyroid cancer and awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With the help of celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson Sofia, she manages to keep her curves in the right place through workouts like cardio, weightlifting, dumbbell squats, sit-ups and Pilates.

According to the star’s son, his mum loves to eat like a pig and has never stopped eating. So it’s true, but the “Modern Family” actress admits to eating healthy and eating in moderation. She likes to eat all the right things, from fish to vegetables and salads. Her secret is to eat healthy during the day, so when she’s out for dinner, she can gobble as much as she wants. She’s also very relaxed on weekdays, but on weekends let’s do it on our own. Her favorites are sushi and Middle Eastern food.