Sonam Kapoor by Saree - Chic and Stylish Traditional Look

Sonam Kapoor by Saree – Chic and Stylish Traditional Look

Sonam Kapoor by Saree – Chic and Stylish Traditional Look

From the fashion week ramp to being the “it” girl of B Town, the starlet and descendant of the famous Anil Kapoor has now established herself as the queen bee of glitz and glamour. On a wide scale, one of the most beautiful and flexible actresses, Sonam knows how to work her wardrobe the right way, so while we can drool over the diva’s red carpet ensemble, you can trust She will wow us with her chic and stylish traditional looks. When we say tradition, the first thing that comes to our mind is sarees, so here is a list of all the times Sonam made us fall in love with her.

Beautiful Sonam Kapoor Ahuja in Saree with Image:

If you are a fan of Sonam Kapoor’s sense of style, this article won’t let you down. Explore her latest saree photos for Sonam’s effortless fashion sense and her out-of-the-box creations!

1. Sonam Kapoor Blue Saree:

Sonam Kapoor is every designer’s dream model! Sonam stunned everyone with this blue and black fused saree at an event at the Cannes Film Festival. Considering the challenges of this outfit, it’s a pretty bold choice. But could she be wrong? of course not! Her futuristic saree choice really won everyone’s heart, making it one of the best Sonam Kapoor saree designs to date!

2. Sonam Kapoor Saree Dress:

With the rise of the B-town sarees dress trend, Sonam Kapoor makes sure she doesn’t get left behind! However, she did add her signature style to this lime green saree gown by beautifying the whole look. This simple blouse becomes a surreal outfit with a mix of lace and elastane for a very chic corset-style blouse.

3. Sonam Kapoor Purple Saree:

Sonam wowed everyone in an otherworldly purple saree gown! She wears a beautiful cloak, like a fallen fairy, like the wings of a butterfly! Her style is so effortless and appreciative that we can’t stop raving about this beauty! Just give her wings and she will fly; give her a dress and she will be trendy!

4. Sonam Kapoor Green Saree:

Sonam looks like a dream in this floral print saree. This mint green summer chiffon saree is one of our favorite looks from Sonam. The sarees are suitable for everyday use but are stylish at the same time. She chose to keep the blouse in a vintage-inspired puff-sleeve baby pink blouse. We’re all for this look and wouldn’t mind stealing it from her dress!

5. Sonam Kapoor Silk Saree:

Even the classic Kanjeevaram is given Midas style by Sonam! Look heavenly in this pure silk gold and silver saree. As usual, she broke the rules and draped it in a different style, paired with a jacket-style blouse. Her heavy choker ensemble and chic hairstyle are very much to her taste, and of course her smile that never dies!

6. Sonam Kapoor Jacket Saree:

A regular at the Cannes Film Festival, Sonam dazzled everyone in this flowy jacket saree. She wears vintage-inspired outfits and looks like a Greek movie. Her jacket is designed with gold thread while the saree is designed with creamy lace. She didn’t choose any accessories other than her Polki oversized nose ring and winged eyeliner. Full of compliments on this look!

7. For beginners:

This fashion guru has a wealth of knowledge on how to dress yourself to be old-fashioned and proper, and she’s wowed us with her amazing stories over the years, and here we begin our journey through some of the most fabulous looks she’s given us . Starting the journey from here is this simple creamy smooth plum saree with a detailed semicircular zari art pattern. The embroidery along the alleys of the saree looks amazing.

8. Pure Body Art:

On the surface, she appeared to have chosen a perfect dress that draped over her skin like a simple black lace artwork, but in reality, she was covered in a thin layer of chiffon. The sarees are very fit and stylish with a vintage touch and are paired with floral and vine pieces. The full sleeve black shirt just enhances the look.

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9. Angel in White:

The beautiful white lace blouse was mentioned first, and then, of course, the star of the night was the angelic white saree, flawless in itself. The saree has a definite pattern and is a square finely perforated artwork with fine line details in gold. There is also a beautiful lace filling piece.

10. Unique Definition:

You can always rely on Sonam to spice up the whole look and still be able to do it professionally. The saree is indeed a wonderful piece on its own and the colour is best, the sultry red makes up the base colour of the outfit. The saree is truly unique not because of the deadly combination of red and black but because of the unique clock pattern painted on it.

11. Retro Chic:

For a perfect cocktail eve, you can always take inspiration from Sonam, who loves you too, and believes that when we incorporate polka from the old days into the New Day event, anything can happen. The saree is simple, white and satin, and the big polka is splashed on the saree in a wonderful way. The sarees themselves are a great collection with a unique blouse.

12. Millennium Colors:

Sonam in the night sky is like a rainbow that looks amazing, incorporating so many bright colors into itself while maintaining a wonderful balance between them. Towards the end, the saree is covered with little polkas and the main colour of the saree is full of colour and youth.

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13. Soft Coral Powder:

Once again, Sonam wowed us all with a dreamy coral pink mesh saree. The saree is sober and sweet while being a statement piece. With beautiful floral designs painted on it, the saree is truly mesmerizing.

14. Subtle Green:

If this patterned blouse doesn’t blow your mind, then an absolute lime green dark neon saree will do. The sarees lead the way without the unnecessary bling which makes it a world class deal.

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15. The red that’s happening:

In this beautiful ensemble, Sonam literally swept everyone at her feet. She looked radiant, elegant and graceful in a queen’s attire. The rust-orange saree is adorned with heavy Polki and Kundan jewels. We prefer her pretty face to the dress itself.

Sonam Kapoor Saree Styling Tips:

You can now be slope-ready like Sonam by following our fashionista’s expert tips below:

  • Sonam believes in experimentation.So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone
  • Play with colors. There is no rule book that matches your hue.
  • Choose to have a lot of layers in your clothes.
  • Jackets, capes, belts are the favorites of this beauty
  • Keep your makeup according to your attire. Heavy clothing is paired with minimal makeup, and vice versa.
  • Style your blouse with different styles to create a whole new look with the same saree.

These are some of our favorite picks from Saree’s Sonam Kapoor. The woman continues to shock the world with her bold choices. Sonam has teamed up with her trusty designer sister Rhea Kapoor to pull off some impressive fashion moves wherever she goes. In fact, aside from her acting skills, she is also known for her great fashion sense and game-changing outfits. Let us know in the comments if you like other looks from Aisha girls!