Sridevi Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Sridevi Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Sridevi Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Sridevi is a film diva, having worked in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films. Because of her beauty and acting skills, she is considered the first female superstar. She is a legend with millions of fans all over the world. Although she is in her early 50s, she still manages to look 10 years younger than she actually is.

Here are Sridevi beauty tips and fitness tips

1. Keep it natural:

Everyone wears makeup to look good, but Sridevi believes that staying happy is the most important thing that will make you look good because she believes what’s inside is reflected on the face. She follows a proper diet and maintains her body through power yoga. Thinking positively, having a good frame of mind and spending quality time with my daughter are just a few things that have made her life better.

2. Makeup:

Sridevi believes in aging gracefully, so she never wears makeup, which in turn makes her look younger. She recommends fruit masks and keeps her regular makeup very low. She’s been using glycerin and rose water since the very beginning of her career, and she’s still using it today. She passed on a very important piece of advice to clean makeup before going to bed. She said the chemicals are irritating and they can completely damage the skin.

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3. Hair Care:

Like most South Indian women, Sridevi has long, lustrous hair. She regularly massages her head and hair to keep her nourished. A woman starts to lose her hair as she ages, so she decides to stay away from different types of hair care and styling that might not be good for her. She keeps her hair natural and doesn’t dye it a different color.

4. Lips:

Sridevi loves to wear lipsticks in many different shades, but she never goes out of style and never makes a mistake. She comes in different shades like red, dark pink, brown and looks beautiful on her perfect lines. She also appears in lip glosses, mostly pinks and browns, and they make her look cool, especially when she’s out and about a lot.

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5. Eyes:

Sridevi likes to smoke her eyes, which makes her look sunken. You’ll usually find her putting a lot of pressure on black eyeshadow. She perfectly aligns her eyes with the kajal and emphasizes the light color of the lids. To pop them, she used shimmer and pearlescent sheen to gradient the light under the lids and brow bone. The Queen of Expressions works wonders with those sparkling eyes that will take your breath away at a glance.

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6. Diet and fitness tips:

Sridevi starts her day with two glasses of warm water and lemon, and after a while, drinks a cup of herbal tea. She drank vegetable juice before breakfast, which she liked to have oatmeal or cereal with dried fruit, honey in milk. For lunch, she likes to eat lots of salads and sometimes smoked or grilled salmon, tofu and even feta cheese. Dinner is kept low key with soup, pancakes and vegetable curries. During this time, she chewed the snack nonstop every two hours. She loves sautéed peanuts, fruit, goat cheese, and multigrain crackers, and even likes dark chocolate as a snack. For fitness, she enjoys doing power yoga, going to the gym, and even playing tennis. Most importantly, she keeps herself happy and content because it’s healthy for her.