Taylor Swift Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Taylor Swift Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Taylor Swift Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips


Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter. At just 24 years old, she won a Grammy, scored numerous singles, and was widely acclaimed for her country and narrative songs. She is talented, witty and witty, and what makes her even more like her is her down-to-earth, unassuming personality. She started her career very young and quickly peaked with her album Fearless.

Taylor Swift beauty and fitness tips:

1. Natural beauty:

Taylor Swift has smooth and transparent skin and doesn’t like excessive makeup. She was beautiful, and her curly blond hair made her look lively and innocent. She has beautiful skin and avoids cosmetic missteps by keeping herself simple. She chooses products very carefully and strictly follows some rules. Her mother’s advice is paramount to her as she has been her mentor, especially when it comes to makeup.

2. Taylor Swift Makeup:

Taylor thanked her mother for introducing her to makeup. She admits that her makeup as a child was disastrous and that her mother used to help her and dress her up in high school. Her regular makeup routine includes eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, eyelash curler, natural brown eyeshadow, and Kate Somerville moisturizer.

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3. Taylor Swift Hair Care:

The singer loves to experiment with her hair, though she never wanted to dye it for fear of damage. She re-curls her hair during the show to make it look smoother, and for this she uses the Conair Ceramic Instant Heat Spiral Styler. For a bad hair day, she opted to braid her hair sideways without disturbing them.

4. Taylor Swift Eye Makeup:

Taylor was on a plane and traveled to Japan without makeup, so she walked into the bathroom and lined her eyes with Sharpie! Since then, she’s started using liquid liners because she finds they look so good. Taylor’s signature eye makeup is cat eye, and she simply extends her lower lid up and helps with eyeliner.

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5. Taylor Swift Lip Makeup:

Taylor loves red lipstick. If she’s too tired to wear heavy makeup, she’ll just use Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Hot, the brand’s red lipstick, and she’s got a unique way of applying it. She put one layer and blotted dry with a paper towel, another layer and blotted again, and finally put a paper towel on her lips.

6. Taylor Swift Skin Care:

Taylor rubbed The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter on her skin and made her feel like she was on a tropical island. She applies sunscreen before going out in the sun and takes extra care to moisturize her skin before bed and before makeup in the morning.

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7. Taylor Swift diet tips:

Taylor Swift doesn’t follow a crash diet, she’s a foodie and she loves to cook and eat. She prefers to eat a big breakfast and then keep it light throughout the day. She avoids sugary drinks, such as canned drinks or coffee. She drank a lot of water religiously, for which she was called an alien by her friends. She sticks to yogurt, salads and sandwiches on weekdays, but breaks all the rules on weekends.

8. Fitness Tips:

It’s funny how Taylor doesn’t even have an inch of fat and still works really hard to maintain herself. She doesn’t try to lose weight, but she believes in staying fit and healthy, so she goes to the gym regularly. No matter where she is or how busy she is, she focuses on an hour of cardio. Besides that, she also likes to run on the treadmill.