The 10 Best Photos of Celina Jaitley Without Makeup

The 10 Best Photos of Celina Jaitley Without Makeup

The 10 Best Photos of Celina Jaitley Without Makeup


Bollywood bombshell Selina is one of the most beautiful actresses in Indian cinema. This beauty queen and fashion model has a very attractive face, and her facial beauty probably surpasses all the actresses of her era. Now, she’s not filming and is busy spending quality time with her family. But she still keeps her good looks. Here are some of the best no makeup photos of this Indian beauty that will prove how beautiful she is in reality.

Celina Jaitley without makeup pics:

1. At the airport:

Selena made a splash at Navi Mumbai airport while showing off her natural charm. Unlike other actresses, this woman doesn’t need to hide under beauty products or revel in blemishes on her face. She considers them a part of her and is so confident in showing off her rare blemishes on her skin, it’s only natural.

2. With her husband:

This may be one of the best photos of Celina Jaitley ever without makeup. She looks great here, even without showing off her natural beauty, her face shows a touch of innocence and her inner beauty.

3. Inner beauty:

What makes a lady or woman beautiful? It’s her natural beauty and the inner beauty that comes from her personality. Celina has both. There is no doubt that she is naturally beautiful and her personality makes her presence known. All in all, she is beautiful.

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4. Don’t be afraid of:

Selena is obviously not afraid to show her natural appearance in front of everyone. She does have some facial imperfections. But she knew the secret, which was that she knew people knew her for her work, not her charm.

5. Rare pictures:

This is a rare photo of Celina without makeup. In this photo, Celina looks absolutely gorgeous and her natural beauty is the real reason behind her charm. This is one of the best pictures of Celina Jaitley ever without makeup.

6. The whole family:

Celina is a mother of two (twins) but she still looks beautiful. Her natural beauty stayed with her, and even after she left Bollywood, she was still remembered for her unique physique and hotness on screen.

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7. Minimal makeup:

Selena was spotted at an event after their marriage. She showed a naturally charming face and a suffocating smile. She looked beautiful that day, and people did fall in love with her married look. She has maintained her natural beauty, and the minimal makeup doesn’t make her look attractive here. Her great personality does.

8. Family holidays:

This photo harks back to an unforgettable time when Celina had a great time with her family after giving birth to twins. She looks amazing in this photo, arguably one of the best Celina Jaitley no makeup photos.

9. India heat:

Celina represents the ability of Indian women to look sexy without trying. This is a great photo showing Celina’s inner beauty and true beauty. This photo is related to an old photo Celina took of herself before stepping into Bollywood.

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10. Family portrait:

Last but definitely not least, here is a really nice photo of Celina who seems to be having a good time with her kids. She looks as cute as the twins.

Above are some of Celina Jaitely’s best moments without makeup. These photos are probably some of the best.

In this post, we discuss some of the best photos of Celina without makeup. She looks great in all of them and seems to really like natural beauty. That’s why she shows it so often. Celina doesn’t need makeup to look fun.