The 10 Best Photos of Cobie Smulders Without Makeup

The 10 Best Photos of Cobie Smulders Without Makeup

The 10 Best Photos of Cobie Smulders Without Makeup


Jacoba Francisca Maria “Cobie” Smulders is the people’s girl. The famous Canadian actress is known for her stellar performances in some of the best movies of all time, including The Avengers. She is also a member of the legendary cast of the TV series How I Met Your Mom. The 34-year-old has done a fantastic job on screen and is probably one of the best looking actresses of all time. She has a natural beauty on her face and she looks good even without any makeup. If you’re interested in some Cobie Smulders without makeup photos, then this article is for you.

Pictures of Cobie Smulders without makeup:

1. Makeup without makeup:

This is one of the best no-makeup pictures of Cobie Smulders ever. Here, we can see her completely natural alluring face and beautiful smile. The beauty of this woman is indeed an exception.

2. Old snapshot:

This is young Cobie Smulders. Not 30+ old versions. She looks so cute. Now, the signs of her age are a little more obvious. But she didn’t hide it. Instead, she confidently reveals it.

3. Divine Beauty:

Here we can see the natural beauty of this young lady. She has beautiful eyes that complement her face. This might be one of the best no-makeup pictures of Cobie Smulders ever.

4. Take a snapshot:

This photo is related to a photography campaign for People magazine. She showed off her natural face in that particular photo, and it looked really good there. She probably doesn’t need any beauty products to enhance her charm. She can look great.

5. The beauty of a smile:

This smiley face from Cobie is easy to impress. Her natural allure complemented the divine beauty of her face with a natural glow that was restored on her face. This photo is arguably one of the best no-makeup photos of Cobie Smulders ever.

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6. At the Prime Minister:

Cobie Smulders showed off her natural beauty at the premiere of the movie Iron Man 3. She looked amazing that day and her face looked amazing.

7. Makeup-Free Glow:

This glow on Cobie’s face is natural. No beauty product contributed anything to this glow on this lady’s face. She looks great when she doesn’t have makeup on, and even though she doesn’t wear it like she did at that event, she looks great when this photo is clicked.

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8. Lovely Beauty:

Coibie Smulders has a professional and smart face. But at the same time, she also looks cute. She is known for her brilliant presentation in the How I Met Your Mother series. She is the same in this photo. She showed her innate charm.

9. With a smile:

This photo relates to the moment when Cobie Smulders laughed out her kind heart in a hilarious interview filmed on the street. She looked absolutely gorgeous that day without any sign of makeup on her face.

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10. That unique smile:

Cobie Smulders has a million dollar smile she can melt hearts with. For them who were addicted to her, it was kryptonite. She can easily impress people with her natural beauty and her charming smile, and it doesn’t require any little beauty products to get the job done.

Above are some of the best pictures of Cobie Smulders of the uber-popular TV personalities, actresses, models, and more. This woman walks out with her natural face most of the time and avoids beauty products as much as possible. She’s arguably one of the most naturally good-looking actresses in the industry, and the photo above proves that claim.