The 10 Best Photos of Karishma Kapoor Without Makeup

The 10 Best Photos of Karishma Kapoor Without Makeup

The 10 Best Photos of Karishma Kapoor Without Makeup


Karisma Kapoor, the eldest daughter of Randhir Kapoor and Babita Kapoor, started her career at the age of 17 in 1991. She has done many successful films and won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her film Raja Hindustani. She captivated the audience with her innocent look. She is very fair and naturally has blue eyes.

Karishma Kapoor Without Makeup:

Outdoors in Mumbai:

This photo was clicked at the Mumbai Racecourse. The actress wore a clean white shirt and blue jeans with a black belt. She has a pair of black sunglasses covering her eyes and her hair is kept open and brushed back.

Click when she gets out of the car:

The photo was clicked as she got out of the car. She wears a sober ‘kurti’ which is white with floral prints in blue, purple and black. She carried a violet bag on her left shoulder, her hair parted down the middle.

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Another snap hits the outdoors:

The photo captures the actress wearing a white ‘kurti’ with a pink pattern stitched on it. She carried a black bag and wore a pair of black cat-eye sunglasses. Her hair was neatly combed and tied back.

Her movie stills:

A still from her comeback film, Ishim the Dangerous. Peeping from the door, the actress was seen wearing a white ‘salwar suit’ with violet trim on her ‘dupatta’. Her hair was styled and fell in waves while it was kept open.

Click outdoors with husband:

The picture below is an old picture. It caught Karisma and her husband as they were clicked outdoors. Her actress wore a black top with a black jacket over it. At the bottom, she’s wearing a pair of blue jeans, her hair highlighted in blond stripes, falling down her front shoulders.

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Karisma with daughter Samaira:

The actress clicked this photo while she was with her daughter, Samaira. Happy mother smiling at the camera at the appearance of her daughter. She was wearing a dark grey top with a black shawl around her neck. Her hair was parted in the middle and tied up at the back.

Karisma and children:

Spotted with the children at an event where the cameras couldn’t seem to spare them, the actress was wearing a black top and a pair of blue jeans in casual attire. She carried a black purse and also wore her black cat-eye sunglasses.

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Click event:

The actress smiled at the camera and made her fans go crazy for her beautiful eyes. She was seen wearing a black top and carrying a black bag at the event. Her hair is cut short on the sides and left open as it falls from her shoulders.

Her first photo on Twitter:

The image below is her first tweeted photo on Twitter. Her actress was lying on the grass when she clicked “selfie.” She is wearing a black top and a pair of huge stylish sunglasses. She wears a silver watch and a huge bracelet on her left wrist; we also see her headband tied around it.

Smart Casual:

The actress wore a sky blue jacket with a white border, and then her bottoms wore similar sky blue pants, making the color contrast look perfect. She wore black rectangular sunglasses and carried a very stylish black bag. Her hair is trimmed in the back and her hair falls in the front.