The 10 Best Photos of Trisha Krishnan Without Makeup

The 10 Best Photos of Trisha Krishnan Without Makeup

The 10 Best Photos of Trisha Krishnan Without Makeup

Indian film actress and model Teresa is one of the most famous faces of Tamil cinema. Before she entered the film industry, she won multiple beauty pageants, including Miss Madras in 1999, which paved the way for her fame.

With several successful Tamil and Telugu films and three-time Best Actress winner at the Southern Film Festival, Tereza has proven she is a brainy beauty queen. But we all know that true beauty doesn’t lie in the magical touch of makeup and foundation. It stretches even deeper, from a warm smile to a pleasing personality. Is this true for Trisha? Let’s take a look at some pictures of her without makeup.

Trisha Krishnan without makeup:

The work of nature:

Trisha was born with a lovely appearance. Her light-colored eyes frame her delicate features, adding a certain glamour to her candid appearance. With youth on her side, she can do a good job of opting for no makeup whenever she chooses.

Animal lovers:

Trisha’s passion for animals has made her a PETA Goodwill Ambassador. In this photo, she decided to blend in with her surroundings during her outing at the Australian Zoo, looking naturally pretty when she posed with the koala bear. Even without makeup, her face looks lively as she does what she loves most.

Movie Actress:

Trisha looks sleek and slender in her movie Marmayogi. As you can see from this photo, she can go without makeup and have nothing but a pair of black shades to let her delicate features stand out. Her straightened hair was the only touch to her flawless natural look.

Friendly outing:

In an era of flared pants and mini bags, a younger-looking Trisha Krishnan was on vacation with friends. A fresh face, without any makeup, shows off her youthful beauty and charming self.

Pleasant to the eye:

When abroad, Trisha likes to go out casually without any makeup. Whether it’s in a shopping mall or an aquarium center, Trisha has her smile on her face.

Birthday treat:

Even for occasions like birthdays, Trisha kept it simple, with a red top and black pants minus any makeup. Light up the room with a smile like hers, she seems to do better than candles on a cake.

Daughter like mother:

Finally we come to see from whom Tereza inherited her natural beauty. The picture on the far right is her mother. With such a natural beauty and flawless complexion, she doesn’t need makeup in real life.

Innocent beauty:

The innocence of youth is clearly captured in this photograph of Tereza from her modeling days. Her long shiny hair and flawless skin add to her natural beauty. No wonder she has several pageant winners to her name.

black lady:

Don’t all women look good in black? For Trisha Krishnan, she looks stunning considering she has little or no makeup. A shimmering sheer black blouse brightened her delicate features, while a contrasting white triangle neckline accentuated her neck. She looks best with a matching black mini bag.

Picture perfect:

This photo of Trisha from the comfort of her home tells you why she won the Miss Beautiful Smile award at one of her beauty pageants. Her smile does what no makeup brush can do, which is to show her innate beauty and confuse her audience. Her graceful figure is an added bonus, and even the simplest of outfits can make her look great.