The 12 Best Photos of Kelly Clarkson Without Makeup

The 12 Best Photos of Kelly Clarkson Without Makeup

The 12 Best Photos of Kelly Clarkson Without Makeup

Kelly Brianne Clarkson or simply Kelly Clarkson (her stage name) is one of America’s top singers. She was the champion of American Idol, kicking off her successful career as a singer and songwriter. She is popular not only among music lovers but also among fashion police. This natural beauty is often found in naked looks. Even without makeup, Kelly seems to be able to pull off every look with confidence. This post covers some of the best photos of Kelly Clarkson without makeup.

Best photos of Kelly Clarkson without makeup:

1. Candid photography:

This is a very old photo of Kelly showing off her beautiful smile and her bare face. Kelly likes to live a simple life and to dress simply. She thinks her natural beauty is enough to impress the audience. This is one of the best pictures of Kelly Clarkson without makeup.

2. Perfect Forehead Bangs:

Here’s another great photo of the American Idol champion showing off her no makeup on her face. She looked divine without even trying. Her smile coupled with her naturally beautiful face is enough to impress people.

3. Sad but pretty face:

Here we have another old photo of Kelly Clarkson, who appears to be wearing zero makeup. Kelly is one of the most attractive singers of all time, and with her no-makeup update, she’s been able to keep in touch with her fans.

4. Prepare to splash:

Kelly did gain some weight recently. But her voice and beauty were not affected. People still love her and she’s still one of the most naturally beautiful pop singers of all time. Kelly doesn’t even have to try to look pretty. She can keep it simple to the max and still be very stylish.

5. Delicious Mom:

This photo of Kelly Clarkson without makeup was clicked as she went on a long trip with her family. Here, she is spotted wearing casual attire and looking gorgeous too. Her face was a little chubby during pregnancy, but she was still able to impress a lot of people.

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6. “Wonder Woman”:

Kelly doesn’t like being promoted too much, which is why she tries to keep a low profile most of the time. Here, she is seen wearing a grey sweater and a reading scarf, along with a brown bag. There was no makeup on her face, it just looked so pretty.

7. Boyfriend looks like:

Here we have a stunning beauty photo of Kelly who is wearing no makeup at all and still looks pretty impressive.

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8. Beach Prep:

Here’s a beautiful photo of Kelly taking a shower with her friends at the theme park.

9. The Lady in Black:

Here, we can see Kylie leaving after finishing her live performance at an event. She’s wearing a cool black look so it looks good.

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10. Airport appearance:

As mentioned, Kelly kept a low profile, and this photo proves it. Kelly looks absolutely adorable in this photo of her, which was clicked at the airport.

11. Perfect Mom:

Kelly appears to be having trouble with the kids at home. In this photo, she is wearing a sweaty casual t-shirt. Hey messy bun and that “what did you just do?” look at her face makes it an interesting shot. She still manages to look pretty, doesn’t she?

12. Smile Selfie:

We were so in awe of the photo, we spotted Kelly and her kids smiling in the selfie. She wears a cute bee print hat and has no trace of makeup on her skin. That million dollar smile is enough to get you hooked on her pictures.

Kelly Clarkson has revealed in multiple interviews that she loves her natural self and wants no makeup off stage. She has a sweet face that can melt even the hardest of hearts. Kelly is the perfect combination of glamour and simplicity. She can light up the stage in the shoes of a heroine, or simply don a housewife’s cape. Either way, she managed to pull off the look!

Kelly Clarkson is naturally beautiful, and the pictures discussed above are some of the best. These images are testament to the fact that this woman doesn’t even need any beauty products to look amazing.