The 15 Best Photos of Blake Lively Without Makeup

The 15 Best Photos of Blake Lively Without Makeup

The 15 Best Photos of Blake Lively Without Makeup


This American actress, model and famous celebrity housewife is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. We’re talking about Blake Lively. The American film personality has been involved in some of the most famous films of all time. She is the mother of 3 children and has a wonderful family. She’s a business woman herself, and on top of that, she maintains beautiful skin, just like in her 20s. Those of you who have figured out that Blake is all about makeup, then you should think again. In this article, we will discuss some of the most searched photos of this woman without makeup that will benefit her natural beauty.

1. Morning scene:

Blake is spotted on a typical morning, confidently making everyone’s day better by showing them who she really is. Her face has that kind of charm that makes people look at her, and even stare at her for a long time. With no makeup on Blake’s face, this photo is arguably one of the best no-makeup pictures of Blake Lively.

2. Fan Favorites:

Here’s another picture of Blake Lively without makeup, and it shows how much Blake loves her fans. Like the other photos on this list, this one reveals Blake for who she really is, and her beautiful blonde hair looks absolutely stunning.

3. Go somewhere:

Blake Lively showed her completely real face once again, wearing casual attire and keeping in touch with her feminine side. When it comes to heading, Blake is a busy woman who still finds time to maintain her natural beauty in the midst of a busy schedule.

4. The simplest look:

Blake Lively was seen leaving the airport without a shred of makeup on her face and still looked absolutely stunning. As you can see from the title, Blake was also wearing her simplest look that day. Dressed in casual clothes and a very generous heart, Blake needs almost nothing to look prettier.

5. Pretty dresses, though:

Blake’s natural beauty sets a new record for all women who regularly display their natural faces. She was born without beauty products powerful enough to beautify this face, which allowed her to escape the boundaries, rules, and limitations set by beauty products.

6. Blonde Charm:

Naturally blond Blake Lively sure knows how to flirt with her glamorous, sun-kissed bright blonde hair. She looks really good when she shows off her awesome hair and looks good even with no sign of makeup on her face. She looks so good without even showing her completely real face and is so confident in her natural beauty that she believes her fans will love the way she looks. That’s what makes her beautiful from the inside.

7. With and without makeup pictures:

If you’re looking for some Blake Lively pics without makeup, this one with extra makeup and without makeup will make you fall in love with her natural charm all over again. The plain face on the left looks really pretty and totally recognizable. This is one of Blake Lively’s best no-makeup face shows.

8. Busy woman:

Becoming a businesswoman is not always easy. It’s not just about collecting checks, it’s about putting in work. This woman can keep up with her hectic life and still maintain her completely natural appearance, which looks good if not completely authentic.

9. A scene from the movie:

Blake looks fine in this particular scene. She looks good even without a completely real face. This woman has a naturally great face and can look great in almost anything she wears. She was born with that natural charisma that attracts people and makes her look attractive every time she exercises with that beautiful face.

10. Enter her journey:

Blake Lively was sold out when she wasn’t wearing a pretty top, but she wasn’t wearing a pretty top that showed her legs. Like the point mentioned earlier, Blake can wear any outfit and look as glamorous as possible. Her natural beauty gives her this edge, allowing her to wear just about anything imaginable.

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11. Bikini Pictures:

Blake Lively in a beautiful bikini. This photo was taken as she lifted her body after a quick swim in the pool. This woman has a beautiful physique and an attractiveness that doesn’t require beautifying with facial products.

12. Old photos:

Here’s a rather old photo of Blake Lively showing the woman’s natural allure. This woman deftly showed off her completely real looks, looking good even though her face showed no sign of any beauty products. Her choice of clothes that day was also simple.

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13. Road scene:

After seeing this photo, people will look for more of the celebrity without makeup than for Blake Lively’s makeup. This photo really showcases her busy life while showing off her natural beauty to the fullest. One can simply indulge in the charm of this woman’s face.

14. Pretty Dress:

Blake was seen wearing a very nice dress and fittingly showing off her alluring face. This particular photo of Blake looks great without any makeup. One cannot appreciate her natural beauty enough. We can sit back and watch and enjoy it to the limit as we see fit.

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15. Blonde Score:

Last but not least, we have a great display of Blake’s natural beauty. She had a nice, toned face, and she had finely textured blonde hair, probably without makeup.