The 15 Most Popular Indian Music Directors of All Time

The 15 Most Popular Indian Music Directors of All Time

The 15 Most Popular Indian Music Directors of All Time


Music is popular in every Indian household. The film industry and music have been good friends since its launch and we are all salivating and raving about Indian film music. Behind the great melodies are Indian music directors known for their heritage, contribution and talent who have created such a treat for our ears.

While the Indian film industry is large and diverse, we also have a diverse range of music directors catering to different themes and languages. Today, we’re with you on the best Indian music directors the country has seen so far.

Top 15 Best Music Composers in India:

The Indian subcontinent has always been a land of talent. Very talented and creative musician, music director has been in the film industry for a long time. While it is a challenge to select specific talents as the top and best Indian film music directors, we have selected the list of favourites from our audience.

1. AR Rahman:

Legendary director and composer AR Rahman has to be on everyone’s list. He is a family favorite of several Indians and has a separate fan base among music lovers. His music is a perfect blend and balance of classical hymns and melodies with modern tunes. Rahman is also known internationally for his musical career and has won several applause and awards, including Grammys, Oscars and BAFTAs. Over the years, people will never forget this legend of the Indian music scene. He is known as the best music composer in India. His outstanding contributions and musical compositions include:

  • roja movie 1992
  • master movie 2007
  • lagan film 2001
  • Slumdog Millionaire 2008
  • 1995 Mumbai movie

2. RD Burmese:

If you watch or like 1970-90s music and movies, you know the legendary RD Burman. His tunes and melodies are most loved decades and years later, before and after the century. His notes have contemporary and classical imprints, as well as Latin, oriental and Arabic ones. Burman is regarded as one of the most popular Bollywood music directors to date. When listening to Bollywood classics, we will never forget this music composer and director! His favorite works include,

  • Amar Prem (1971)
  • Shawley (1975)
  • Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1971)
  • Love Story (1994)
  • Yadong Kibalat (1973)

3. Iraya Raja:

He is also known as Maestro Ilayaraja and is also the master of AR Rahman. He is the music director and composer of more than 1000 films to date and is a well-known musician of the classical tradition. As the years passed, Ilayaraja also experimented and introduced Indian folk, guitar and other forms into his music, just like magic. The charisma and melody associated with his music can never be matched, and will remain a classic and favorite for years and generations.His most memorable work is

  • Tarapatti (1991)
  • Rud Lavina (1989)
  • Sagara Sangaman (1984)
  • Baylawy (1986)
  • Nayagan (1987)

4. Ms. Viswanathan:

MS Viswanathan is from the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is one of the giants in the entire history of Tamil music. His story is really inspiring and a role model for a self-made man. From being a hawker at a young age to becoming the top musical talent India has ever seen, his work will forever be remembered. Although his directorial music album was set around the 1970s and 1980s, many consider his songs ahead of their time. The Tamil music director’s melody is a fresh fusion of orchestral, traditional hymn and fresher styles. The director’s most famous works include:

  • Rasa Tikalia South (1980)
  • Aboorva Ragangal (1975)
  • Muthana Musarawa (1976)

5. OP Nayar:

Most of you probably haven’t heard of this old Bollywood music director OP Nayyar. But his songs in the 1950s and 60s movies are classics we still hear. He is known for his timeless musical melodies, tunes, orchestral work and his flawless collaborations with Asha Bosale and Geet Dutt. Nayyar is again at the top of the Hindi music directors chart. Some of his famous works include,

  • Mr and Mrs 55 (1955)
  • Naya Daur (1957)
  • Criminal Investigation (1956)
  • Kashmir Kikali (1964)

6. C Ram Chandra:

C Ramchandra was one of the beginners who made the Indian music industry a global icon. Although he has started his acting career, he is well known for several of his duets and songs. His signature musical style used to be a mix of guitar, trumpet and harmonica. His song with Lata Mangeshkar is by far the most popular. Notable works by C Ramchandran include:

  • Anarkali (1953)
  • Navrat (1959)
  • Alberta (1951)
  • Asha (1957)
  • Kazana (1951)

7. KV Mahadevan:

KV Mahadevan’s songs are still popular in several Telugu and Tamil families. His work spanned four South Indian languages ​​and continued for over 50 years. His music is perfect, the melody is beautiful, the lyric is beautiful, and the songs are beautiful. His film collaborations and musical collaborations with director K Viswanath are some of the most popular of his trajectory. The cutest works by KV Mahadevan include:

  • Swati Killanan (1992)
  • Adimae Payne (1969)
  • Santa Calabarán (1979)
  • Sri Venara (1986)
  • Mugamanasuru (1964)

8. Vijayabhaskar:

Vijayabhaskar is known for his work in the South Indian music industry, he is famous for Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Konkani Tulu, Marathi and Kannada films One of the music directors and composers. His most famous works are from Kannada films. His work is said to be a recreation of the music of the Kannada film industry. Vijaybhaskar’s signature works include:

  • Bailey’s Fashion (1967)
  • JJPJ (1969)
  • Maloosa, Malaya (1986)
  • Santatu Kalam (1963)
  • Togudipa (1966)

9. Naushad Ali:

Naushad’s music songs are like jewels of the Bollywood movie industry. His appropriate adaptations and soundtracks of Indian classical music stood out from the mainstream songs and music of Bollywood films of the time. His songs were also among the first to attempt a mix of sitar, mandolin, flute and clarinet. His most famous works include,

  • Pakiza (1971)
  • Indian Mother (1957)
  • Mughal E. Azam (1960)
  • Ganga Jamuna (1961)
  • Baiju Bavara (1952)

10. Nadim-Sarawan:

The famous musical songs and melodies of collaborative duo Nadeem and Shravan are by far the best selling. The 90’s classic has long been one of Bollywood’s greatest and most popular songs. While their careers didn’t last long, the iconic movies and songs they created in a short period of time were enduring. Their famous works include,

  • Sajan (1991)
  • Raja, India (1996)
  • Padres (1997)
  • Ashkey (1990)
  • Dakan (2000)

11. Anand-Milind:

Anand and Milind are other notable duos of musicians and composers who reached the peak of their careers in the 2000s. Known for their unique melodies and unique compositional charm, the songs blend rhythm with humor and style. Their famous works include,

  • Qayamat se Qayamat tak (1988)
  • Rebel for Love (1990)
  • Deere (1990)
  • Beta (1992)
  • Anali (1993)

12. Jatin-Lalit:

If you like classic romantic films from the Shah Rukh Khan era, the musicians and magicians behind the perfect songs and lyrics are Jatin and Lalit. Known for their romantic and melodious songs, Jatin and Lalit are among the new millennials’ favorite film music directors. We all know their favorite and famous works:

  • KabhieKushiKabhieGham (2001)
  • Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995)
  • Mohabataine (2000)
  • Joe Gita Vahi Sikanda (1991)
  • Fana (2006)

13. Shankar Ehsaan Loy:

We all know this contemporary and timeless music director Shankar Ehsaan Loy. They all combine perfect Hindustani and vocals with western fusion and pop. Versatile and timeless musical compositions are unique in their compositions, making them unique. They have the perfect Indian vibe and tunes, music with international tones and global tones. They are known for creating music in as many languages ​​as Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi, being the most popular. Their famous works include,

  • Rock (2008)
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara (2011)
  • Di Chattahai (2001)
  • Kal ho Na Ho (2003)
  • Taare Zameen Par (2007)

14. Madan Mohan:

Another old-school but extremely modern composer for Bollywood films is Madan Mohan. Madan Mohan’s legendary musical compositions, coupled with Lata Mangeshkar’s tunes, always stand out. He is known for his classical instruments and traditional Indian music with ghazal tunes. Notable works by Madan Mohan include:

  • Warcorn (1964)
  • Verzara (2004)
  • Ancain (1950)
  • Dehka Billaroa (1957)

15. Killavani:

Keeravani is another popular name for contemporary musicians, mainly working on films in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi films. Born in Andhra Pradesh, most of his work revolves around the Telugu film industry and is known for his work over the past three years. His notable musical compositions include,

  • Kshana Kshanam (1991)
  • Arali Priyudu (1993)
  • Chatrapati (2005)
  • Magadilla (2009)
  • Bahubali (2015)

The Indian music industry is home to world-renowned and talented composers. These top and enduring Indian music directors will surely be remembered for their huge and melodious works of wonder. Who is your favorite music director and composer? We’d love to hear your thoughts too!