The 25 Hottest Women in Nollywood and Cannywood

The 25 Hottest Women in Nollywood and Cannywood

The 25 Hottest Women in Nollywood and Cannywood

Women are considered the epitome of beauty and Nigerian actresses are known for their stunning good looks. Women in the Nigerian film industry have proven their beauty time and time again. These celebrities, some of the most beautiful actresses and hottest Nigerian models, have been in the limelight for decades and are considered some of the most daring and glamorous women in the world.

What is Nollywood?

Like Hollywood and Bollywood, Nollywood is the Nigerian organization that oversees film production. In the 1960s, pioneering filmmakers like Ola Balogun and Eddie Ugboma created the first Nollywood films. The Nigerian film industry has done really well in terms of relationships and collaborations with some of the world’s biggest names. In a world where almost every industry is dominated by men, Nigerian actresses have dominated the industry for decades.

Cannywood and Nollywood’s 25 Most Beautiful Actresses of 2023:

Check out our list of top 20 Nigerian actresses who have achieved great success in the Nollywood industry and have a presence on social media.

(Top 20 Beautiful Nollywood Actresses)

1. Mercy Johnson:

With 13.4 million Instagram followers, the Nollywood actress is so glamorous that you want to see her in every scene of the film. Born in Kogi State, Nigeria, she has worked in the Nollywood film industry for a long time. She has won awards such as Best Actress and Actress of the Year 2018 for her works such as “Thirty Days in Atlanta”, “Obaby”, and “Crying Soul”. Her eye-catching acting skills are the reason why she ranks among the queens of Nollywood.

2. Ini Edo:

With 13.1 million Instagram followers, Iniobong Edo Ekim is a talented Nigerian actress of exquisite beauty who started her career in Nollywood in 2000 with her debut film Thick Madam and in 2004 with The character in “The Man From Space” quickly progressed. Afterwards, she acted in more than 100 Nollywood films such as: Bank Manager, The Bet, Cold War, etc., which made her famous and recognized as UN-Habitat Youth Envoy in 2014 .

3. Regina Daniels:

The multi-talented Regina is a screenwriter, actress, producer and model who started acting in Nollywood in 2007. She has since starred in several movies including Boa Girl, Batman, Jericho and Plantain Girl. With her hot body and good looks, the Nigerian actress has around 12.7 million followers on Instagram. She has been nominated for multiple awards in the Nigerian film industry for her impeccable performances, some of which are Revelation of the Year – Women of the Year 2017 and Most Searched Actress 2021.

4. Mercy Aigbe:

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe needs little introduction. She is a screenwriter, actress, producer, model and fashion guru. She started her acting career with the Nigerian television soap opera Papa Ajasco and joined the Nigerian film industry in 2006. Known for her roles in 77 Bullets (2019), Gucci Girls (2012) and The Victims (2017), which made her famous worldwide, she has been recognized for her unique fashion sense and has received several awards such as Yoruba Actress of the Year and Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year.

5. Genevieve Nnaji:

Genevieve Nnaji has 8.5 million followers on Instagram and is one of the 5 highest paid Nigerian actresses in Nollywood. Since winning Best Actress at the 2005 African Academy of Film Awards, Genevieve has enjoyed both fame and fortune. In 1998, she entered the booming Nollywood film industry with the film “Most Wanted”, followed by the award-winning film “My Journey”. To date, she has starred in more than 200 Nollywood films.

6. Rita Dominique:

2012 Best Actress winner Rita Dominic is one of the most gorgeous and sexiest Nigerian actresses with a goddess-like physique. Rita Dominic has been working in the Nigerian film industry for many years, starring in such blockbusters as “A Time to Kill”, “The Healer”, “Light in the Darkness” and many more. She is one of the highest paid actresses among Nollywood actresses. Her eye appeal has helped her gain 7.2 million followers on Instagram.

7. Adesua Etomi:

Stunning Nigerian actress Adesua Etomi is considered as one of the gorgeous Nollywood celebrities. With almost 5 million followers on Instagram, Etomi is one of the most popular Nollywood actresses and has been in several blockbuster films such as Arbitration, The Wedding Party and The Fall, many of which are also available Watch on Netflix. She has received various honors and awards, including Best Actress in a Drama Series at the 2016 African Magic Audience Choice Awards.

8. Nancy Issim:

In 2011, young Nigerian actress Nancy Isime started her career in Nollywood with the TV series Echo. However, her talents are not limited to acting. In 2020, she co-hosted The Headies Awards; on top of that, she also starred in a number of hit Nollywood films such as Ghetto, Behind the Scenes and the 2022 Netflix original series Blood Sisters , playing the main character Cammy. Her hard work and dedication to her work also earned her awards such as Most Promising Actress and Best Supporting Actress in 2018.

9. Chacha Eke Faani:

Faani is a Nigerian actress from Ebonyi State, known for her crying roles in films. She joined the Nollywood film industry in Miss Nollywood in 2009, but it wasn’t until she starred in the 2012 TV series “The End Is Coming”, followed by “Breast Milk Tears” (2013), ” Dangerous Assassin” (2015) and “Money and Money” before bursting to fame. Blood (2022).Her exploits in the Nigerian film industry have earned her numerous awards including Actress of the Year

10. Omonio Boli:

When it comes to timelessness and beauty, Nigerian actress Omoni Oboli ticks both boxes effortlessly. One of Nollywood’s most popular actresses, she launched her acting career in 1996 with “Bitter Encounter” and went on to appear in “Doomed to Die”, “Not My Will” and “Another School Story”. She was one of the first Nollywood actresses to win Best Actress at two international film festivals in the same year. She is one of the most followed Nollywood celebrities, with 3.7 million followers on Instagram.

11. Bisola Aiyeola:

Bisola Aiyeola is a well-known Nigerian actress and music star of many talents. She has won several awards, including the 2022 Best Supporting Actress Award and the 2019 Trailblazer Award. In addition, she has starred in more than 150 Nollywood films, including Breaded Life (2021) and Sugar Rush (2019), winning the hearts of audiences with millions swooning over her acting skills and beauty.

12. Adunni Ade:

Adunni Ade is a beautiful and talented actress from Nigeria. Her good looks and professionalism have landed her respected roles in Nollywood. She starred in the famous TV series “Jennifer’s Diary”, where she captivated the viewers with her stunning charm and beauty. Another TV series that made her famous is “Sons of Caliph 2”. In 2017, she won her first Nollywood Award for Best Actress, followed by a Stella Award from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism.

13. Lillian Exoro:

In 2005, a star made his Nollywood debut and quickly became one of the most popular names in the Nigerian film industry. Her name is Lillian Exoro. Her work in films such as Secret Room (2013) and Couple of Days (2016) brought her fame and fortune. Additionally, the young Nigerian actress was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series “Clinical Affairs”. In 2018, she won the Best African Actress Award at the London African Film Awards.

14. Bimbo Admoyer:

Bimbo Ademoye is one of the most beloved screen goddesses among Nollywood celebrities and is currently voted the hottest face in Nigerian cinema. She’s also one of the hottest personalities on NETFLIX, starring in films like Sugar Rush, Anikulapo, and Breaded Life. She was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the 2020 AMVCA and won the 2020 Nollywood Award for Best Supporting Actress.

15. Beverly Naya:

Beverly Naya is an award-winning Nigerian actress, model, producer, screenwriter and entrepreneur. She’s one of the few Nollywood actresses who isn’t afraid to show off her brown skin in every way possible, and has been in Filigree, Guilty Pleasure, House of Exile, Deadwater , which made her the winner of the Best Nollywood Award for Most Promising Talent and the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival 2016 Best Actress Award.

16. Osas Iguodaro:

Award-winning Nigerian actress Ighodaro is one of the most famous actresses in Nigerian cinema. She joined the Nollywood film industry in 2005 and has appeared in such films as New Money, King of the Boys and Jolly Man, We Don’t Live Here Anymore, and has won multiple awards, including “Drama Best Actress” and “Best Actress” dressed at the 2022 African Magic Audience Choice Awards. Additionally, Osas was crowned Miss Black America and was the first Nigerian-American to be so honored.

17. Sharon Oja:

Sharon Ooja is a Nigerian actress who rose to fame for her role as “Shalewa” in the web series “The Skinny Girl in Transit”. Sharon is one of the most beautiful actresses in Nollywood with amazing body structure and has acted in many movies so far like From Lagos With Love, Moms War, Laura etc. and Received various accolades, including the City People Film Award for Promising Actress 2018. With 1 million Instagram followers, Ooja is one of Nollywood’s biggest stars.

18. Tana Adelana:

Tana Adrana was born in the royal family of the Igbo tribe. She is a famous Igbo actress in Nigeria. She has performed well in many films such as “Quicksand”, “Kingdom” and “Baby Dad”. Hollywood film circle, she made her debut in the TV series Disclosure. The Nigerian actress has been in the limelight for her sore eyes and has won numerous awards, including the Grind Award in 2005 and the City People Film Award for Best Supporting Actress of the Year (English).

19. Jemima Ossander:

Jemima Osunde is a famous Nigerian actress, model and host whose first big break in Nollywood was as Leila on MTV Shuga, which appeared in In the four seasons. Osunde is an advocate of beauty and stardom among beautiful Nigerian actresses and has appeared in films such as Esohe, Stella (2016), My Wife and Me (2017), Isoken (2017) and TV shows such as Shuga and Ojays (2015) . Her performance in “The Delivery Guy” also earned her a Best Actress nomination that same year.

20. Damilola Adegbite:

Damilola Adegbite is a well-known figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She is not only a model, a TV personality, but also an entrepreneur. After her debut in Tinsel, she entered the Nigerian film industry, where she played Telema Duke (2008-2012). After Tinsel, she went on to star in many successful Nollywood productions, including 6 Days to Christmas, Flower Girl, Banana Island Ghost and many more. A goddess of the screen, Adegbite has received various awards and nominations including Best Actress in a Television Series at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards in 2011.

(Top 5 Hottest Nigerian Models-)

21. Mayowa Nicholas:

Nicholas has 428K followers on Instagram and is one of the top models in Nigeria. Since winning an elite modeling competition in 2014, the Nigerian supermodel has walked for some of Europe’s top fashion houses, including Christian Dior, Prada and Miu Miu. She made her official debut at the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and is currently named as one of Nigeria’s “Top 50” models. When asked her secret to beautiful skin, she replied, “I mostly do natural stuff, like oatmeal face masks. Drink a lot of water to hydrate my skin.”

22. Sylvia Nduka:

Nduka is a Nigerian supermodel and beauty queen from Anambra, Eastern Nigeria. Post her win as Most Beautiful Girl…