The 4 most popular festivals to celebrate in Lakshadweep

The 4 most popular festivals to celebrate in Lakshadweep

The 4 most popular festivals to celebrate in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is an exotic island destination off the coast of Kerala, meaning “one hundred thousand islands” in the native Malayalam language. Thirty-six small islands join forces to form Laksa Weep Island, known for its sacred beauty. A large acre of land is dotted with a variety of flora and fauna, accompanied by sun-drenched beaches and an exotic blue sea under the open stars. While this tourist destination is an amazing place in itself, the unique festivals celebrated here are the other side of the place’s amazing story.We’ve listed the major festivals in Lakshadweep so you know when to throw some extravagant festivities in this exotic destination

Yes, Lakshadweep does sound like one of those fairytale late-night hangout spots we all dream of, but the island isn’t just scenic, it’s got more heat. Lakshadweep attracts a lot of tourists, but even with such peer pressure, the locals here stick to their traditional roots. The islands support the majority Muslim population and celebrate their festivals with pomp and pomp.

Major Islander Holidays:

Eid al-Fitr:

One of the main festivals celebrated here is Eid al-Fitr. With the arrival of the new moon and the end of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr caters mainly to locals supported by the Muslim religion, although it is a free festival that anyone can sign up for. After a month of fasting during Ramadan, id-ul-fitr marks the influx of local delicacies into the market, with all hungry eyes waiting for delicious plates to arrive. The day begins with some heavy prayers at the mosque, followed by greetings and the exchange of various dishes and gifts as symbols of affection between loved ones.

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Next is Eid-ul-zuha, or bakri –Eid. Show gratitude and worship to the Islamic prophet Ibrahim for his selfless act of sacrifice for his divine Lord. As the name suggests, it involves the slaughter of a bakri or a goat as part of this religious ceremony. Later flesh ids are distributed among devotees or followers and are considered devout and pure. It all started with a gathering to pray at a mosque, followed by a massacre. The festival also concludes the journey to Mecca, a sacred pilgrimage in Islamic tradition.

Milad Urnaby:

Another important festival that is widely celebrated here is Miladul Nabi. The festival revolves around the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in AD 571. As a tribute to his birth, this holiday immortalizes the great Prophet Muhammad and is thus celebrated with abundant exuberant life. The festivities revolved around a jaw-dropping array of delicacies, and while the women were busy cooking and setting up, various conferences and associations formed where various prominent figures preached, preached, and philosophized. Great Prophet and spread them among the crowd while paying tribute to him and remembering his precious words.

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Then there is Muharram. With the support of a large Islamic population, Muharram is celebrated with grandeur. Legend has it that the grandson of the great prophet Hazrat Imam Hussein and his family were mercilessly slaughtered in Karbala, Iraq. The core reason for the celebration revolves around the tragedy, but even though it was originally a sad festival, the believers and followers are a good example, in the face of such pain and tragedy, Muharram is celebrated and the body is full when people Gather around some melas for a fun night of music and some fair trade shopping with a warm and excited mind. On the other hand, people dressed in black, holding hands, paying tribute to the sad story, sobbing and crying in the parade, expressing their grief over something so terrible.

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This is heaven. From lush beaches with peaceful sunsets, to amazing cultures filled with delicious food and a relaxed lifestyle. From lush green lush forests to clear, airy sandy beaches to beautiful floral wonders to strong native tradition roots, don’t forget to visit Lakshadweep sometime this festival, and a brand new ancient native tradition that can See new faces of other tourist attractions.

Since the place has a majority Muslim population, the festivals celebrated here are also according to Islamic culture. The way people celebrate the festival in nature and by the grace of God is as amazing as the unique beauty of the place itself! Next time you visit this place, check the calendar to see the festivals. If you go during the festive season, you can join in the enchanting festive fun!