The 9 Best Crystal Caves In The World With Pictures

The 9 Best Crystal Caves In The World With Pictures

The 9 Best Crystal Caves In The World With Pictures

Crystal caves are by far the most beautiful of all caves because of their intense beauty and fairytale appearance. These caves, formed from calcite or aragonite, are dotted with crystal structures of varying proportions, from small needle-like structures to incredibly large ones. Crystal Cave is a beautiful work of Mother Nature and a tourist attraction everywhere.

The best crystal caves in the world:

1. Iceland Crystal Cave:

In a small country like Iceland, you will find one of nature’s greatest phenomena – the Svmnafellsjvkull crystal cave. Located in Skaftafell National Park, this deep blue cave will mesmerize you with its dazzling beauty and scale. This crystal cave was created by the power of the Vatnajökull glacier ice cap, formed when its glacier met the coastline. The ice in the cave is hundreds of years old and does not allow air to penetrate, so the texture of the cave is sparkling.

2. Bermuda Crystal Cave:

In 1907, when two 12-year-olds went looking for their cricket, little did they know they would stumble upon one of nature’s spectacular creations. The Bermuda Crystal Cave, originally discovered by Carl Gibbons and Edgar Hollis, was further explored by the Wilkinson family, the owners of the property, after learning of the major discovery. Majestic crystal stalactites and stalagmites hang from the ceiling of the cave like chandeliers illuminating the clear lake 55 feet below. This is the best crystal cave in the world.

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3. Crystal Cave:

The most spectacular of all caves has to be the Crystal Cave located in Chihuahua, Mexico. The main chamber is located 300 meters below the surface and contains the largest columnar crystals ever seen. Some of them are as high as 11 meters and weigh about 55 tons. These crystals formed from magma beneath the cave and are said to be 500,000 years old. Conditions inside the cave are extreme and proper gear is required when visiting this behemoth.

4. Crystal Cave, California:

California has its own caves, the most impressive being Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park, located below the surface. The stalactite crystal structures seen here hang like curtains in ornately polished marble caves. Famous for its candlelight tours, the cave is only open for exploration during summer.

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5. Mlinki Crystal Cave:

Deep beneath the surface is a gripping crystal cave in the Ternopol region of Ukraine. Multi-coloured stucco crystals adorn its walls, shimmering in reflected light for a dazzling effect. Mlynki Crystal Cave is truly a rare sight.

6. Crystal Cave, Wisconsin:

Located in Pierce County is the longest known Crystal Cave in Wisconsin and is a popular tourist destination. It was discovered in 1881 by William Vanasse. Crystal Caves have multiple levels and visitors descend through a series of steps and ramps. The cave is covered in icicle-shaped stalactites, and the ground is covered with rippling flowstones and stalagmites.

7. Orda Crystal Cave:

The Urals region of Russia has the largest and only underwater crystal cave in the world. Orda Cave is also the largest underwater cave in Russia and has received the status of an All-Russian Natural Monument. The cave is full of winding passages and clear water for divers to traverse.

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8. Crystal Cave, Put-in-Bay, Ohio:

The Crystal Cave in Put-in-Bay, Ohio is a limestone cave that contains the largest geode or crystalline structure in the world. The cave was discovered in 1887 by German-born Gustav Heinemann while digging a well beneath his winery. The oversized crystals found on the cave walls were originally used for mining purposes. The cave was later converted into a tourist attraction where the Celestine crystals, as they are called, are 3 feet wide and line the limestone cave walls.

9. Yanchep Crystal Cave:

Crystal Caves in Yanchep National Park, Perth, Australia, has incredible stalactite formations that can be viewed with a cave guide.