The 9 Best Museums in Bangalore With Pictures

The 9 Best Museums in Bangalore With Pictures

The 9 Best Museums in Bangalore With Pictures

Bangalore is the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is known for its pleasant climate, vibrant people and culture. It is one of the largest cities in India and has earned several names such as Air Conditioned City, City of Gardens, Bar Capital of India, etc. The city is a perfect fusion of past and present, depicted through museums. Here is a list of famous museums in Bangalore, India.

Museums and pictures in Bangalore:

Here is a list of the top museums in Bangalore.

1. Government Museum:

The Bangalore Government Museum was founded in Mysore in 1865 by surgeon Edward Balfour, making it one of the oldest museums in India. The museum is divided into 18 exhibition halls with sections of geological and archaeological objects. It houses paintings, terracotta warriors, old jewelry, coins from the kingdom period and its reign. Two inscriptions in Harmidi and Kannada were excavated in AD 450.

2. HAL Air and Space Museum:

The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Air and Space Museum is the oldest air and space museum in India. It is part of the HAL Heritage Centre and Air and Space Museum and is helpful to all who study aeronautical engineering as students need to know how to handle aircraft. It shows planes, air engines and helicopters, and also tells the history of aviation in India.

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3. Kempegowda Museum:

The Kempegowda Museum is one of the closest museums in India. It was built in memory of Yelahanka chief Kempegorda who founded the city of Bangalore. The building features traditional military district colors, red and white. There is a photo gallery on the first floor. Visitors can learn about the history of Kempegowda through the wooden staircase. It also has paintings of early Bangalore forts, temples and inscriptions.

4. Folklore Museum:

The Karnataka Folk Museum is located on 15 acres in Kumara Park. It offers folk music that plays in the background and shows videos of folk dances. Items used in daily life in the past, such as utensils, milk mixers, hand millstones, etc., are exhibited, as well as puppets, weapons, clothing, artworks, etc.

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5. Gandhi Bhawan:

Gandhi Bhavan was established in 1965 on Kumara Krupa Road under the supervision of President Dr Rajendra Prasad. It was made in honor of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation, and the main motive of “Bhavan” was to teach what Gandhi wanted to teach the people. The museum includes galleries showing Gandhi’s entire life, from his early years to his death.

6. Madras Sappers Museum and Archives:

The Madras Sappers Museum and Archives presents the history of the group of Madras engineers known as “The Sappers”. The museum exhibits items related to the army, military history, cultural relics, armory, clothing, medals, etc.

7. The Legendary Motorcycle Museum:

The Museum of Legendary Motorcycles is a house with over 20 vintage cars that are about 100 years old and still in working condition. The gallery walls are covered with photos of vehicles. It has some famous vehicles like Jawa Certeza, 1913 Triumph, 1928 BSA, 1948 Corgi etc.

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8. Philatelic Museum:

The Philatelic Museum in Bangalore showcases rare stamps and articles. Following a recent renovation, an artist’s corner, amphitheatre and a reference library have been constructed to give visitors a closer look at the Indian Post, from the past to the present.


The NIMHANS Brain Museum is located at the National Institute of Neuroscience for Mental Health and is managed by the Department of Neurophysiology. Any visitor who sees the different kinds of brain specimens on the shelves is sure to feel dizzy. There are different kinds of brains, such as schizophrenic brains, damaged brains, human brains after accidents, and animal brains.

Don’t miss these famous museums next time you plan a trip to Bangalore!