The 9 Most Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Darjeeling in 2022

The 9 Most Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Darjeeling in 2022

The 9 Most Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Darjeeling in 2022

Darjeeling is one of the magical places on earth and a great place to spend quality time with your loved ones. Nestled in the folds of the mountains, this place is known as the Queen of Indian Hill Station. So, enjoying your honeymoon in Darjeeling is a brilliant idea. The dazzling snow, orchids and stunning sky pines on Darjeeling peaks are the perfect things to see on your honeymoon. Darjeeling is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India. Every day, hundreds of newlyweds come to Darjeeling in search of romance, love and exploration. Darjeeling is a very safe place whether with your partner or family. The residents of Darjeeling care a lot about them and welcome you to be part of their family. 9 Best Darjeeling Honeymoon Locations Include:-

Darjeeling’s beautiful honeymoon spots:

1. Lama Hatta:

23 km from Darjeeling, this is one of the best honeymoon spots in Darjeeling. Although this is only a small village, it is a beautiful hill station that you must visit at least once with your loved ones to appreciate the beauty of this place. Beautiful views of mountain peaks and rivers provide couples with a peaceful place and time to enjoy. A variety of beautiful gardens and homestays are available for you to relax and soak up the charm of the gardens.

2. Tiger Hill:

One of the best honeymoon spots in Darjeeling is Tiger Hill. This beautiful place offers dazzling sunrise views, where you can peacefully gaze at the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and spend quality time with your loved ones. Located on Senchal Road, with panoramic views of the scenic Lhotse, Mahalu, Kanchenjunga, Kaburu and Janu, this place can provide an incredible photography scene. Click for more photos and add your memories. The stunning view of the Kanchenjunga sunrise is breathtaking, so your honeymoon in Darjeeling is justified.

3. Comprehensive:

This is the most iconic bakery, popular for its baked goods, tea and cakes, and can be on your list of places to visit during your honeymoon in Darjeeling. Take in the views of the snow-capped peaks as you sit in the chairs for tea and cake. It also has a small restaurant serving a variety of delicacies such as pork pies, steaks, tandoori snacks, continental teppanyaki, chocolate eggs and more. A comfortable place to spend time with your partner.

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4. Rangeet Valley Ropeway:

One of the best honeymoon spots in Darjeeling, where you can enjoy the adventurous people with a full view of Darjeeling via the ropeway. This provides panoramic views of the landscape, snow-capped peaks, and will completely immerse you in the beauty of this hill station. Spend 20 minutes on each side and you’ll have one of the best 40 minutes of your life. The ropeway was built in 1968 and reopened in 2012 after being discontinued in 2003. This ropeway is equally popular among couples and families and should be experienced at least once if you visit Darjeeling.

5. Nightingale Park:

Darjeeling’s Bush Nightingale Park is a beautiful park, the perfect place to relax and take in the breathtaking views of Kangchenjunga and other snowy peaks in the Eastern Himalayas. During the peak season, Nepalese cultural shows are held every evening. You can enjoy dancing or just have some quality time. This place offers amazing scientific beauty and should be visited at least once.

6. Tukvar Valley Tea Plantation:

This is a low-altitude garden, 16 kilometers from Darjeeling, with a road network extending in all directions. Darjeeling has all kinds of honeymoon spots, but this place is so beautiful that you can’t resist going there once. Offers a beautiful view of the tea plantation. Get there and click some stunning photos to add to your memories. This garden is a rain shadow area with its own nursery and wood and bamboo forest.

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7. Shangri-La Regency:

Beautiful hotels and resorts create beautiful Darjeeling honeymoon destinations, and Shangri-La Regent is one of them. This beautiful hotel has an entire floor dedicated to the rooftop lounge, providing you with a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Located on Gandhi Road, this is a tourist attraction and therefore also suitable for couples. Relax in the rooftop lounge and enjoy the views of the mountains and snow-capped peaks. With excellent light and ventilation, it is a great hotel to stay in Darjeeling with your partner.

8. Kanchenjunga Peak:

It is the third highest peak in the world located on the India-Nepal border. This is a beautiful place for couples on their honeymoon in Darjeeling. Kanchenjunga, which means “The Five Treasures of Snow”, is a very beautiful place. This is a home with a lot of flora and fauna and you can roam around with your partner and enjoy the beauty of the place.

9. The Batacian Cycle:

This is a special railway set up to lower the uphill slope of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Buy a ticket, board the train, enjoy the tour and the beauty of the place, cherish the beauty here. It should be visited once as it was a wonderful experience. It’s a good idea to take a small trip on such a road with your loved ones to spend some time together without any interruptions. There is also a garden where you can enjoy the natural beauty and click many beautiful photos.

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Darjeeling is a beautiful place, perfect to visit from May to June or September to December to enjoy the wonderful weather and views of this place. Also, avoid the monsoon season to avoid problems and plan a visit to this beautiful and fascinating place. Since it is the end of the year, this is the best time to visit Darjeeling as the weather is pleasant and suitable for sightseeing. In cold weather, the stunning view of snow-capped mountains and snow covered pine trees is a must-visit for honeymooners in Darjeeling.