The Top 5 World’s Expensive Coffee Beans You May Try

Coffee is popular and energy-boosting which is loved by many people in the world. Coffee is the drink which not only boosts the human’s energy but also makes their mouth tasteful as well as keep them active all day long. World’s Expensive Coffee mainly owns caffeine and the main purpose of caffeine is to stimulate the human mind as well as the senses of a human being.

The aroma of caffeine gives energy to the human brain that is the main reason people are addicted to coffee. Most of the people love to date and meet their close friends at the coffee shops which are best for the start of good relation. Greece, Milan as well as Austria owns beautiful coffee houses which are popular all over the world. People are crazy after the expensive coffees of the world to taste them and make them aware of its taste. Starbucks is the most successful coffee brand which makes the coffee the most energy-boosting drink.

Most of the people who are on job love to drink the coffee to make their brain active for the working hours because for them it is a yummy drink which owns many benefits. People are always willing to spend a large amount of their income on the different expensive coffee brands for the taste. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 expensive coffee in the world.

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5 World’s Expensive Coffee

Los Planes Coffee

The cultivation of Los Planes coffee happened in El Salvador. This coffee is the world’s best as well as expensive coffee who won a cup of excellence award. This depicts the taste of this coffee which most of the people are crazy after.

This coffee owns many flavors of tangerine with caramel as well as brown sugar flavor which are worth-tasty. Although, the price of this coffee is high with the worth of $40/pound but people are steep and the lovers of this coffee are willing to spend a large amount on the refreshing taste of this coffee.

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Hawaiin Kona Coffee

Hawaiin Kona coffee is the world’s best and expensive coffee which has a unique taste. The flavor is fantastic and people are mad after this drink because of the high quality of flavors as well as the appearance. The rare beans variety make this coffee the most expensive of all. Once you drink Hawaiin Kona coffee then you will surely become a big fan of this coffee. This coffee worth $34/pound.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

Kopi Luwak coffee is one of the expensive coffee which mainly costs $160/pound. This coffee is the production of Indonesian people. The animals of this country consume the cherries and during the digestion process, they used to ferment. After that, the coffee beans are deposited by them in the faeces where they are mainly processed and collected after that.

The amazing and yummiest taste of this coffee is because of the enzymes which are mainly secreted by the palm civet. Once the beans are discarded by palm civet they are roasted and cleaned.

Black Ivory Coffee

The Black Ivory coffee is the origin of Thailand which is mainly made from the Arabica beans to give it the tastiest flavor. Most of the people are crazy after the Arabica beans and this makes them run after black ivory coffee.

The most interesting fact about this coffee is that it is prepared and processed by elephants. The coffee is expensive and rare to find because the beans are available on special occasions. Black Ivory coffee costs more than $500/pound and if you want to have a cup of coffee then you need to spend $50 for it.

Hacienda La Esmeralda

Hacienda La Esmeralda is the famous coffee which was awarded the first prize among all. The cultivation of this coffee is in the shades of trees of guava which makes it most unique and tasty of all. This coffee is rich in flavor and the taste is yummiest and amazing. The cost of this coffee is $350/pound.


Coffee lovers are crazy after the new and unique taste of different expensive coffee brands. They love to enjoy and spend their large amount of income on the different tasty coffees. The most expensive coffee of the world is rare to find as the beans of these coffees are available on special demands. Coffee is a great source of giving strength to the brain.

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