Top 10 Photos of Cheryl Cole Without Makeup

Top 10 Photos of Cheryl Cole Without Makeup

Top 10 Photos of Cheryl Cole Without Makeup


Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini, also known as Sister Cheryl Cole, is a rather beautiful woman. She has a nice face and a nice voice. No one who saw her could forget her face. She is so charming. She is a professional singer, dancer, and a famous TV personality. The 32-year-old from the UK looks great even without makeup. Here are some of those times when Cheryl Cole was spotted wearing no makeup and she looked absolutely flawless.

Cheryl Cole No Makeup Pics:

1. Teen crush:

Teens fell in love with this photo of Cheryl. It also affects older and mature men. why not? She looks absolutely stunning in this photo, and her sun-kissed face is enough to make the headlines of every beauty ad. Here we can see her face without makeup, one of the best Cheryl Cole ever.

2. Camera selfie pictures:

Cheryl doesn’t need any cosmetic touches to look glamorous. She can simply show her natural face and people just adore her like that.

3. On the street:

Cheryl was spotted on the street showing off her naturally alluring no-makeup face. She looks great in a beautiful dress, her dress seems to complement her genius face and doesn’t need any beauty products to adorn it.

4. Cute kissing selfies:

Girls are taking a lot of these photos these days. But they were never near Cheryl. She killed it with her natural attraction. Her face seemed to hide all her flaws, if she had any. Literally, she can’t be compared to anything.

5. Outdoor Selfie:

This selfie of Cheryl was taken at the airport. She flaunts her natural beauty like most of the time and impresses everyone with her smooth and effortless beauty. This is probably one of the best pictures of Cheryl without makeup.

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6. Bed face selfie:

This special bed selfie of Cheryl reveals just how great this woman looks. She is different from the others, showing her natural charm and thus looking so amazing without any makeup at all. This photo is arguably one of Cheryl Cole’s best no-makeup photos ever.

7. Before people knew her:

This photo of a young Cheryl is amazing. It goes back in time, before people knew she was a celebrity. Here we can see her true face and her completely natural beauty. This photo will inspire a lot of women to show off their bare faces and stop looking for Cheryl Cole’s makeup pics and instead look for some of the opposite, like the ones discussed here.

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8. Express beauty:

Cheryl’s eyes are beautiful and expressive. Her eyes are so beautiful that they can easily impress anyone. This special photo of Cheryl makes her look relaxed and gorgeous.

9. She’s flawless:

In short, it can be said that Cheryl is divine. Her skin is flawless. This photo proves this fact. Here we can see Cheryl Cole’s completely natural face. This photo was taken while Cheryl was walking down the street, looking casual.

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10. Holiday Snapshots:

This photo was clicked while Nicole and her family were off to a small island to spend a few days relaxing and away from the paparazzi. But her natural beauty somehow attracted them.

The best way for a woman to present herself to attract people is to show off their natural beauty, and Cheryl totally understands that.

This article provides you with some of the best no-makeup photos of Cheryl Cole, absolutely revolutionary. The images presented here are some of the best based on popularity among fans. They’re proof that this British woman can look great without makeup.