Top 12 Manjushri Warriors Without Makeup

Top 12 Manjushri Warriors Without Makeup

Top 12 Manjushri Warriors Without Makeup

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Makeup is said to enhance this beauty. But Manju Warrior, one of Malayalam’s most successful heroines, was an instant hit. The daughter of a financial accountant and a housewife, Manju was a natural dancer from her school days, and her talent slowly spread into acting, making her debut at the age of 16. With all the glamour and sparkle, actors are always mistaken for their flawless selves, which makes them look different when stripped down to the commoner. As a human being, blemishes are part of life, but whether blemishes still make her look worth the part without makeup is the question we’ll answer in this article.

Top 12 Photos of Manju Warrior Without Makeup

1. The nerd look:

Manju Warrior opted for this nerdy but cute look for a store in the UAE. She opted for a simple cat-eye frame with naturally wavy hair. Doesn’t she look pretty? Her skin looked flawless and her smile was probably the best makeup she’d ever worn that day.

2. The girl next door look:

This look from Manju Warrior reminds you of the sweet and lively girl next door. She opted for a casual tee and wavy hair. What we love about this photo is the peach blush on her cheeks, which of course is no makeup. The best part of the picture? The frank gesture seemed to say “yes” to her expression.

3. The day after:

Goddesses don’t need makeup, Manju Warrior is the real heroine. Even a simple black kurta looks stylish on this beauty who has amazing skin and won’t forget her million dollar smile. Here’s our favorite no-makeup Manju Warrior.

4. Perfect posture:

Manju Warrior flaunted her natural beauty with a tall horse and a V-neck purple tee. More noticeable than her lack of makeup is her big smile and boy, she looks gorgeous!

5. Activity day:

This candid, no-makeup photo of Manju Warrier was taken at the inauguration of “She Taxi” – a taxi for women on the go. After being clicked by a Time reporter, this mallu-kutty looks as cute as ever.

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6. Silky Beauty:

This photo of Manju Warrier was taken while she was introducing the Nanyu Peace Foundation to the audience. Manju retouched and rocked her no-makeup look again, framing her hair with her glasses, a lightly sun-baked natural tan, and smiling as genuinely as they came.

7. Sudden candor:

They say the food makes everyone happy and Manju Warrier looks very happy looking at a plate of food not seen in this photo. Wearing a tall, loosely tied horse, she wore no makeup and smiled, looking as gorgeous as ever.

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8. With the big B:

Captured on camera during a discussion ad shoot, Manju Warrier sits comfortably next to the notorious Amitabh Bachchan, dressing her character without makeup. In this photo, Manju’s personality looks very charming.

9. Happy family:

Every inch of this family photo is crying out for happiness and joy. Back when Manju was still married to actress Dileep, this photo was a rare photo of her beautiful smiling little baby.

10. Book Distribution:

This photo of Manju was taken during the signing of her book, “Sallaapam,” as a full-fledged author and a proud housewife, she sat firmly. She wears simple yet elegant outfits that embody beauty, confidence and grace.

11. Minimalist:

The key to good makeup is to look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all. This is what they call a minimal makeup look, and as you can see, in this photo, the young Manju Warrior looks stunning with just a few basic highlights.

12. The Beauty of Ashes:

True strength and beauty revealed in many heartaches. This is evident in this photo of Manju Warrier leaving family court after his divorce from then-husband Dileep. Dressed in a simple monochrome salwar kameez, traditional bindi, and no makeup, the manju’s inner beauty and power take center stage.

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Known for her impeccable acting and dancing skills, Manju Warrier has taken the Malayalam film industry by surprise since her debut at the age of 16. Her simplicity and poise prove to the world that the world of glamour is not just about glamour.
There is room to be yourself – your own beautiful, gorgeous, makeup-free self.

She is the perfect role model for the younger generation, who spend more time in front of the mirror than honing their skills. She’s a natural beauty, her minimalist look can set the stage on fire, and she’ll break a million hearts as she walks down the ramp.