Top 15 Hottest Actresses in Thailand in 2022

Top 15 Hottest Actresses in Thailand in 2022

Top 15 Hottest Actresses in Thailand in 2022


The Thai film industry, known as “Thai Cinema”, may not be as popular as its Asian counterparts such as India, South Korea or Japan. But the industry remains at a disadvantage when it comes to producing quality films that gain global attention. From action films to comedies, from romances to epics and comedies, Thai films are spread across various fields to entertain audiences. Aside from the fun plot and well-crafted sequences, the beauty of Thai actresses is one of the main reasons why movie lovers flock to theaters.

Although not well known to the outside world, the Thai actress is seen as the epitome of glamour and impeccable sense of tailoring.

Here are the details of 15 young Thai actresses who are also gaining traction in international forums!

Top 15 hottest actresses in Bangkok, Thailand in 2022:

Time to meet these gorgeous Thai actresses and find out some interesting things about them:

1. Yaya Urassaya:

Ursayya Sperbund, commonly known as “Yaya”, is one of the most popular actresses in Thailand. Half Thai and half Norwegian, this diva is the perfect combination of beauty and acting. Yaya was the first Thai celebrity to appear in American Vogue magazine and was also known as the “Queen of Hosts” for appearing in more than 30 commercials.

Yaya made her debut in 2008 when she barely spoke Thai. However, by 2010, she had become a national sensation with her role as “Jeed” in Duang Jai Akkanee. With the help of her tutor, she mastered the Thai language, which earned her a larger fan base.

2. Medveka:

Mai Devika Hoorne also known as Mai is another popular Thai actress who started her acting journey in 2010 by playing lead roles in TV dramas. After a taste of success in the small screen industry, Mai was part of mega-hit films like Heart Attack and Suddenly Twenty.

The half-Belgian, half-Thai actress has endorsed many international luxury brands such as L’Oreal, Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana. She has won many awards and accolades for her great acting and charming looks.

3. Bella Rani:

Bella Ranee or Ranee Campbell is a half Thai half British actress turned model who debuted in 2011. After signing a contract with Channel 3, Rani starred in the erotic dance party Onlaweng. The show had the fifth-highest ratings of all other shows on the channel in 2013. That same year, Bella played an elegant lady in the hit period drama “Late.”

Her knack for easily fitting into roles, especially in period dramas, has made her one of the most popular actresses in the country.Bella has won many awards such as “Most Popular Actress”, “Female Rising Star”, “Outstanding Actress”, etc.

4. Baifern Pimchanok:

Pimchanok Luevisadpaibu, also known as Baifern, is one of Thailand’s most famous actresses who made her debut in 2010. She was under contract with Channel 7 from 2010 to 2016. During this period, she appeared in many series such as “Wai Puan Guan Lah Fun”, “Arsoon Noy NaiTakieng Kaew”, “Banlang Hong” etc.

Starting in 2017, Baifern went freelance, exploring various genres to hone her acting skills. She won the Nataraja Award twice in 2017 and 2020 for her roles in Dragonfly and Fallen Leaves.

5. Mukdana Rimrak:

Irresistible with its delicate body and smooth glassy skin, MookdaNarirank is the sweetheart of many in Thailand. Mookda, the former Miss Thailand team entered the entertainment industry in 2016. As an excellent dancer, Mookda won the prestigious dance competition “Become No. 1 Idol” in 2012.

She started her film career in 2016 after signing with Channel Seven. She gained a lot of craze for her role in “Musaya” and then her film career took a big leap. In 2020, Mookda and CH7 renewed their contract for 5 years.

6. Pachalapa Caichua:

Despite being in her 40s, PatcharapaChaichua is still one of the hottest actresses in Thailand. Born in Bangkok, Patcharapa entered the beauty and entertainment industry in 1997. She shot to fame after winning a competition called HACKS. In 2003, Pachalapa starred in “So Sanae Ha” for which she won the 2003 TOP Award for Best Actress.

Pachalapa, nicknamed Aum Shinrikyo, was also voted the sexiest woman for men for three consecutive years (2004-2007). In addition to acting, she has an entrepreneurial spirit and entered the business world. She currently runs a restaurant and a fragrance brand, the first celebrity-owned brand in Thailand to be made in France.

7. Araya A. Hargate:

Araya Alberta Hargate is a popular young Thai actress, model and TV personality. Nicknamed Chompoo, Araya is of Thai, Lao and British descent. In 1998, she was out of breath after winning the Miss Beauty Pageant “Miss Auto Show”. Her role on Channel 7’s successful soap opera “Pleng Prai” made her a household name in the country.

Araya is a combination of beauty and talent. Her creamy skin and fragile physique have earned her many modeling assignments that run parallel to her acting projects. She is known as a “fashionista” and “queen of haute couture” for her tailoring choices and killer looks!

8. Omsusha:

Sushar Manaying, commonly known as “AomSushar”, is one of the most famous young actresses in Thailand. In addition to conquering the top job in her home country, Sushar has also achieved success in other Asian countries, especially in China. Her Chinese ancestry is one of the main reasons for her acceptance outside of her field.

Sushar made her debut in 2008 when she played “Pai” in a Thai lesbian film called “Yes or No”, which earned her fame and recognition. She doesn’t have to struggle to get good roles, and her notable films include Full House, Oni 2, Project Hashima, and more.

9. Gausu Pasara:

Supassara Thanachart or Kao Supassara is one of the most beautiful models and actresses in Thailand who made her debut in 2011. Her performance in “Luang Ta Mahachon” immediately caught the attention of fans and channel operators. In 2016, she signed with one of Thailand’s leading channels “Channel 6” to keep her career chart steady.

Kao’s role as “Suam” in the movie Khao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai Lub boosted her ratings as an actress and opened up good opportunities. In addition to movies, Kao has also starred in popular TV shows like “Frozen Hormones” and “Hormones: The Next Generation” to bring her closer to the audience.

10. Meownessa:

Nittha Jirayungyurn, commonly known as “Mew”, is another famous Thai actress who has signed with Channel 3. She made her first appearance in a TV drama called “Khun Chai Pawornruj”, which immediately earned her fame and attention. She has starred in about 7 dramas, making her one of the most popular faces in Thailand.

The Bangkok-born beauty has appeared in several films and music videos, as well as many commercials. In 2020, she married gold dealer and businessman Tharaphut Kuhapremkit.

11. Woranuch Bhirombhakdi:

Woranuch Bhirombhakdi, nicknamed “Nune”, is a popular Thai actress who has appeared in several films and Thai soap operas. Her first role in Lakorn (TV series) “Pob Pee Fa” is considered one of the scariest roles of her career. The teen started her acting career in 1995, starring in about 40 TV series and 2 feature films.

In addition to gaining fame for his acting skills, Noone has also received multiple nominations and even awards. In 2004, she won the “Best Actress Award” for “May Ai Shien”.

12. Nathaborn Tamerux:

NatapohnTameeruks, also known as “Taew”, are of Thai-Chinese origin. She rose to fame after appearing in an ad for a Chinese dairy producer. Her charming appearance and charming personality made her instantly become the darling of everyone. She has a contract with Channel 3 and has been involved in many of the highest rated TV shows and movies.

Natapohn won the Rising Female Star award in 2008 and has received many more awards and nominations throughout her career. In 2020, she and Jirayu Tangarisuk won the Best Couple Award at the Thailand Crazy Awards.

13. Anton Plasson:

Anne Thongprasom is one of Thailand’s leading actresses and her beauty and acting skills are irresistible. The Bangkok-born TV actress and hostess had a difficult childhood due to the unexpected death of her father. After finishing journalism, Annie entered the entertainment industry and achieved considerable success!

In 2004, Annie’s role in the super hit Thai melodrama “Letter: Joad Myra” earned her up to 50 million baht and many awards. She’s a versatile actress who can quickly fit into any role and play it to the fullest.

14. Patricia Thanchanok Well:

Patricia Thanchanok Good or Pat is a famous Thai actress, half Thai and half British. Because of her mother’s connections in the entertainment industry, she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 14. After noticing her impressive performance, Channel 3 invited her to sign a contract that accelerated her career.

Despite her humble beginnings as a part-time model, Pat managed to earn her place on the list of “Thai actresses”. She has appeared in several plays and TV shows, as well as in commercial films.

15. Pinkploy Paparwadee Chansamorn:

Paparwadee Chansamon, nicknamed “Pinkploy”, is one of the hottest actresses in Thailand. Paparwadee was born in 1997 and won the top 10 in Thailand’s Next Top Model 2015. While in college, she won the “Fresh Star” competition and even became a “Campus Star” on behalf of her university.

She made a cameo appearance in the “ParagitRuk Series” in 2017. Later, she played many fleshy roles in many dramas and feature films. She was announced as “Teen (Women) of the Year” at the 2020 Kazz Awards.

Despite coming from a relatively unknown entertainment industry, these are the top 15 most beautiful Thai actresses who have gained global attention. Combining glamour and femininity, these ladies blazed new trails for their successors. Do you watch Thai movies too?