Top 15 places to visit in New Zealand

Top 15 places to visit in New Zealand

Top 15 places to visit in New Zealand

New Zealand is a stunningly photogenic country that offers visitors breathtaking beauty. The islands have dense forests, mountains, beaches, glaciers and more. The country combines traditional Maori culture with urban cosmopolitan cities, picturesque villages and pristine wilderness. This happy island nation has something for everyone.

Famous and beautiful New Zealand tourist attractions:

Let’s take a look at the best tourist attractions in New Zealand.

1. Christchurch:

Christchurch is New Zealand’s second largest city. It is very developed in terms of business. The sea connects international trade, entertainment and shopping, providing tourists with the best entertainment facilities. Christchurch doesn’t offer city life on the city side, but it’s also the road to beaches and mountains. Christchurch offers the best of New Zealand.

2. Milford Sound:

Milford Sound is one of New Zealand’s most popular tourist attractions. It is located in the north and has access to Fiordland National Park. This place offers amazing coastal views with its beautiful peaks and deep blue water. The area is blessed with regular rainfall that enhances the beauty of the South Island, with waterfalls flowing beautifully down the cliffs.

3. Bay of Islands:

The Bay of Islands is a romantic tourist destination. The area contains 144 islands and some secluded coves and sandy beaches. You may see plenty of marine animals such as whales, dolphins and large marlins. That’s why people like to come over. They sailed on yachts, large cruise ships, and brought back some very unforgettable memories.

4. Rotorua:

Rotorua is a famous tourist destination in New Zealand. It has a unique culture, known as the Maori, that amazes visitors every time they visit the city. The locals are very welcoming and they will definitely help you on your tour. The artistic skills reflected in the cultural site are undoubtedly one reason why this city is so important to New Zealand.

5. Tongariro National Park:

Tongariro was New Zealand’s first established national park. The park has a diverse ecosystem including lakes, medicinal shrubs, forests, deserts and other plateaus and even volcanoes. You can start your trek from the Whakapapa Visitor Centre and visit Taranaki Falls, a 3-hour drive away.

6. Oakland:

Auckland is a metropolis located on the North Island of New Zealand and has a large population compared to other cities here. Visitors discover beautiful landscapes and exciting city life while enjoying the urban side of New Zealand. Auckland is a place that tourists love every time they visit New Zealand.

7. Coromandel Peninsula:

The Coromandel Peninsula is a well-known beach among the island’s locals, and a favorite for tourists who come here to enjoy the high temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. The hot springs and beach are worth relaxing, and visitors can refresh their minds and enjoy some good beach sports.

8. Franz Josef Glacier:

Franz Josef Glacier is located in the Westland National Park in the southwest and is convenient for all visitors. Visitors can walk to the foot of the huge glacier, and some even take a helicopter ride for the best view of the glacier. This, along with Fox Glacier in the Southwest, are two of the top tourist attractions.

9. Wellington:

The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. It gathers at the bottom of the North Island. The place is beautiful, with the best of city life, architecture and monuments, and even art and culture. The Te Papa Museum is a must-see here, with large exhibitions that showcase stories from the past. Nightlife is an amazing luxury, where you can spend quality time with the city, enjoying food, drink, music and dancing.

10. Canterbury:

The biggest attraction in Canterbury is Mount Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand. On the one hand, the mountain is 3,754 meters high, and on the other, there are deep undersea trenches off the coast of Kaikoura, which are a huge attraction for whales, dolphins and seals. Christchurch and Timaru are adjacent cities. You are likely to find well-preserved heritage and culture of the old days here.

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11. Westland Tai Poutini National Park:

Tai Poutini National Park is located on the South Island. Founded in 1960, it covers an area of ​​1175 square kilometers. Two famous glaciers, Franz Josef and Fox, are located in the park. The park allows you to hunt red deer, antelope and taler deer. There are also facilities for helicopter rides and hunting.

12. Marlborough:

Marlborough is famous for its vineyards. You can explore its history and walk through the wildlife. Dolphins, seals, little blue penguins, native bellbirds and several other birds are found throughout the area and in the marine life reserve.

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13. Sky Tower:

The sky tower acts as an observation and telecommunications tower. Built with high-tech facilities, the tower is approximately 328 meters high and is the tallest free-standing building in the entire southern hemisphere. The Sky Tower is an icon of Auckland’s skyline. The best views of the tower can be seen from the Orbit revolving restaurant, located approximately 80 kilometers from the building.

14. Abel Tasman National Park:

Abel Tasman National Park is located at the northernmost tip of the South Island. People love to hike here. Transportable means of transport are boat, foot or small plane, but the trip will be worth the experience. Along the mountain road, you can see blue penguins, wood pigeons, wicca birds and some other rare birds.

15. Napier Art Deco:

Napier is a small city in Hawke’s Bay. It is known for its Art Deco architecture. The city was completely destroyed after the 1931 earthquake. Thousands of tourists come to Napier each year during the Art Deco weekend in February. For the locals, this is an important cultural event.