Top 15 South Indian Actresses Without Makeup Latest Photos

Top 15 South Indian Actresses Without Makeup Latest Photos

Top 15 South Indian Actresses Without Makeup Latest Photos


We all love watching TV series and movies as our main source of entertainment, so we keep a mental list of our favorite heroes and heroines. Have you ever wondered and wondered what these celebrities would look like without makeup in real life? Here are some top South Indian actresses without makeup images. We curated them together and we are still in shock and awe. These no-makeup South Indian heroines are fun and weird for those who see them for the first time. Some of these no-makeup South Indian heroines look stunning, while others look ordinary.

Latest Photos of Top 15 No Makeup South Indian Actresses:

So check them out here. Below are 15 images of South Indian heroines currently trending on the internet without makeup.

1. Tamana without makeup pics:

This is Tamannah without makeup among the top heroines in Telugu. Tamannah, now around 29 years old, is one of the longest serving Telugu actresses in the industry. She has had several successes in her film career, from “Happy Times” to more recently. She has also made several films in other South Indian industries such as Tamil and Kannada. Photos of her without makeup went viral, so why not. We don’t see it here in reality. She looks really simple and cute, doesn’t she? ! Not much different from her real-time-to-reel life.

2. Malayalee Asin’s No Makeup Look:

This is Malayalam actress without makeup. She is basically a Malayan but not only works in Telugu cinemas but has also managed to break into Bollywood. Assin, about 33, has retired from film after marrying business tycoon Rahul Sharma in 2016. Photos of her without makeup are popular because she looks exactly the same with makeup and without makeup. You can recognize her appearance at a glance, it is simply beautiful! Now she lives happily with her children and husband. Her daughter’s name is Arlene.

3. Trisha Krishnan’s Crazy No Makeup Pics:

Trisha has been a heartthrob for many of us over the past decade. Here’s this no-makeup Kollywood diva. She has made several films in Telugu and Tamil industry and since then she is among the top and well-known actresses. She is now around 36 and still single. Given the shocking photos we came across, Trisha’s no-makeup look has been making the rounds on the internet. The charismatic actress, known for her looks and smile, is unbelievable in real life. Anyone who sees these expressions will be shocked!

4. Bold Kajal Agarwal’s No Makeup Photo:

Can you believe this is the sexiest and most popular heroine of the decade, Kajal Agarwal? ! This photo of a Tollywood heroine without makeup is both crazy and shocking, right? Kajal, approximately 33 years old, has been working in the industry since 2007. Her first film came from the Tollywood industry and later also ventured into the Tamil industry. Now she is the most popular actress in both states. Here’s a recent photo of Kajal without makeup in Mumbai that has sparked some controversy. Many praised her bold appearance. But, it’s time to enjoy a movie like this, right!

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5. Famous Amala Paul No Makeup Look:

Who doesn’t know the famous Amara Paul? Here comes the plain actress. She is about 27 years old. Amala Paul has worked in several Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films. She has made several mega hits in the film industry and is one of the most popular heroin hits. Her non-makeup photo has been trending on the internet for a while, this retro photo. Our favorite actresses look absolutely stunning, don’t they? She looks very young and simple. We love simple pictures like this that show any actress in real life.

6. Actress Keerthi Suresh Without Makeup:

This is Malayalam and Tollywood heroine without makeup. Keerthi Suresh, who has gained popularity in recent years with her films in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu, is serving the film industry. The actress is now about 26 years old. Given that we never thought she would look this way in real life, her no-makeup look is shocking. She looked completely plain without makeup or any makeovers. Her pictures in movies and events are nothing like her actual situation. But she looks cute, right!

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7. Taapsee Pannu’s undressed photo:

Here’s the big guy, Tapsee Pannu, who worked in Telugu and Tamil movies and turned into a celebrity in Bollywood. The actress is currently around 31 years old and is well known in the South Indian industry. This no-makeup Telugu and Tamil actress comes as no surprise to us because she looks exactly the same even when she does. She looks so simple and beautiful with a lovely smile. In our opinion, her natural looks are actually much sweeter and more beautiful than her makeup looks. We believe that even you will think so.

8. Rakul Preet’s No-Makeup Look:

This is the no-makeup look of famous actress Rakul Preet. Known for her several Tollywood films, the actress has recently entered Bollywood. Rakul is currently around 28 years old and has already made his mark on the Indian film industry. With several of her hit films, she is the most wanted actress by several directors. Given that we know the actress is a fitness-loving woman, this Rakul no-makeup Telugu heroine is pretty shocking. However, her looks are very simple in real life. In this photo, she has a sweet smile.

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9. Pretty Elena without makeup:

This beautiful actress, Elaine is also very beautiful in real life. The actress mainly appeared in many South Indian films and later became a Bollywood celebrity as well. Now, she is about 31 years old. This old photo of Ileana without makeup reminds us of her when she was performing in a Tollywood movie. She looks really simple and pretty, doesn’t she. Her features are very elegant, with a youthful face. She remains one of our favorite actresses. In this photo, we can see her open hair sporting simple earrings.

10. Anushka Shetty’s No-Makeup Look Leads the Trend:

Here’s another Sandalwood actress without makeup. She is essentially a Canadian and is now about 37 years old. However, most of us have known Anushka through her work in the Telugu film industry. She has appeared in many films in the South Indian film industry, especially in Telugu. Her notable films include the most recent and latest phenomenon, Baahubali with Prabhas. Here’s Anushka’s no-makeup look that took us by surprise. However, in this photo, her smile looks very sweet. She is known to be the sweet and simple person in life and this photo just reflects her attitude.

11. Actress Shriya Saran’s No-Makeup Look:

This is our famous childhood actress, Shriya Saran. From the early 2000s onwards, she appeared mainly in many Tollywood films and was our favourite actress of our youth. This is her look without makeup. She is now around 36 years old. After this movie, she even entered Bollywood, where she is also famous. Recently, she married her sweetheart in 2018 and is now happy and stable. This is Shriya’s no makeup look, which looks very simple and cute. Even with just a little skin tone on screen, she looks exactly the same.

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12. Cute Samantha’s No Makeup Look:

Who doesn’t know Samantha? ! She has been popular in Tamil and Telugu movies from the past few years. Her debut in the Telugu film industry, Eemayachesave, was an eye-opener and went on to dominate Kollywood and Tollywood. She is now 32 and happily married, but has left her mark through her films. She is still cute and pretty. She also looks very young and elegant in the makeup photos. Every year, Samatha is one of the top actresses with multiple awards in both industries. As such, the actress has been trending and viral for her looks, but is admired for her sweet gesture.

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13. Rashmika No Makeup Pictures in Sandalwood:

We all know the famous actress Rashmika Mandanna of “Kirik Party” and “Geetha Govindam”. She is now around 23 years old, very young. She left her mark in several sandalwood films. Famous Kannada actress no makeup photos are here. In this photo, she looks very sweet and simple. In this photo, she still looks young. There’s no makeup look here, as evidenced by her simple casual attire and playful pose. We absolutely fell in love with her charm, didn’t we!

14. Shruthi Hasan’s No Makeup Trend Chart:

This is a plain makeup photo of the famous Shruthi Hasan. Considering that most of us don’t recognize her authentic tone, this no-makeup South Indian actress surprised us. Shruthi is now around 33 years old and is still a well-known figure in Indian cinema. She has worked in Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood films. During one of her film promotions, she was seen without makeup. She looked so simple and most of us were pretty shocked because we didn’t expect it.

15. Shocking images of Nayanthara leaked:

This actress from Kerala is well known throughout South India. The Malayali actress has acted in several films in Mollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood. She also appeared in some Kannada films. The 34-year-old sandalwood heroine surprised us with no makeup. This photo has been on the internet for a long time and is still popular in many places. She looks totally different and weird from the movie life. However, her natural and bold appearance should be worthy of admiration!

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article about South Indian actresses without makeup. These images are both shocking and strange to us. This list features both current and established actresses, most of which are our favorites. So it’s interesting to see what their real-life features look like compared to what they see on screen. Tell us what you think about these pictures here.