Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Greece

Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Greece

Top 15 Tourist Attractions in Greece

With over 60 islands, historic sites preserved over the centuries, beautiful beaches, mountains, visiting Greece is one of the best experiences you can give yourself. Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Throughout Greece, there are many relics from ancient civilizations that give us an idea of ​​life before.

Popular Greece tourist attractions:

1. Athens:

Athens is the capital of Greece and an important place for the administration. The city is one of the oldest in the world, known to be over 3000 years old. The city has also made a major contribution to Western culture since ancient times. It is not only of administrative importance for all financial and judicial matters, but also of religious significance. Athens is known to be the birthplace of many philosophers such as Socrates, Pericles and Sophocles.

2. Santorini:

Santorini is a volcanic island that belongs to the Cyclades archipelago of the Greek archipelago. It is known for its stunning picturesque scenery, stunning sunset views and rows of white houses. Fira, the capital of Santorini, showcases a unique blend of Venetian and Cycladic architecture.

3. Corfu:

Located on the coast of Albania and in the Greek region of the Epirus River, Corfu is one of the most important islands of the Ionian archipelago. Green landscaped hills ranging from 2 to 20 km. The heights of the hills range from 906 meters to 973 feet. Its mild climate and blooming flowers make Corfu a very peaceful and pleasant holiday destination.

4. Mertos Beach:

Myrtos Beach is located in the northwestern part of Kefalonia. They are famous for their magical water color and attract thousands of tourists. The turquoise color of the sea contrasts with the bright white of the smooth marble pebbles of the beach, making for a wonderful time for all visitors. The steep mountains and towering cliffs behind Myrtos Beach only add to its beauty.

5. Epidaurus:

Epidaurus is an ancient theater in Greece that offers the best treat for the eyes, especially for those interested in art. The place has a capacity of 15,000 spectators and is still well maintained. Dating back 2000 years, this theatre is a very popular tourist attraction. This gives us an amazing glimpse into life in ancient Greece.

6. Mystras:

Mystras is a medieval city with beautiful churches, palaces, houses and streets. However, what is amazing is the stunning castle with its hilltop summit and frescoed monastery. The city was abandoned in the 18th century, which is why when tourists walk in, they feel like they’ve stepped back in time, back in time.

7. Mount Athos:

Mount Athos is a peninsula and mountain in Greece. The easternmost point of the peninsula is home to more than 1,400 monks and 20 Orthodox monasteries. It is an autonomous country, but under Greek sovereignty. This place has some strict rules and regulations; one such rule is that only men are allowed in here.

8. Samaria Gorge:

The Samaritan Gorge is a long canyon in southwestern Crete. This is about 16 kilometers long. Visitors can walk the entire canyon, which is visited by millions of tourists every year. The walk takes at least 4 to 7 hours and your guide will lead you through ancient cypress and pine forests. It then cuts through the mountains between vertical cliffs and emerges at Agia Roumeli in the Libyan Sea.

9. Mycenae:

Mycenae is located in the center of Mycenae. The likes of Agamemnon and Achilles belong here. This is an important archaeological site and is well preserved. It used to be one of the important cities a few years ago and now it is a major tourist destination where people explore the Lion’s Gate, the fortified walls, the terraced palaces, the tomb of Agamemnon and many more.

10. Delphi:

The archaeological site of Delphi is known for its ruins, which include the Temple of Apollo and the Athenian Treasures. It was once thought to be the center of the earth. You need to take a fair amount of time to see the place properly.

11. Parthenon and Acropolis:

The Parthenon on the Acropolis is known to be one of the best temples and is definitely on every tourist’s “must see” list. This architectural site was built from 447 BC and it replaced other temples in Persia. The Parthenon has been a temple, fortress, church and mosque throughout its long life.

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12. Temple of Hephaestus:

The Temple of Hephaestus is one of the finest Greek temples in existence. It’s often overshadowed by the Parthenon on the Acropolis, but it’s definitely better maintained and less crowded, which will give you a quiet and serene mode to get a feel for your surroundings.

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13. Mykonos:

Mykonos is a cosmopolitan destination and one of the best Greek islands you can visit. This small town is amazing, with a maze of houses in small streets. The houses are mostly white. The sandy beaches and charming nightlife make people want to come here even more.

14. Meteora:

Meteora has one of the most attractive sights in Greece, including a medieval monastery. The towers there are built of high rock and appear to hang hundreds of feet off the ground. This was to keep the Turkish army away from the Turkish army that defeated Greece in the 14th and 15th centuries. This breathtaking monastery view must be a visit as it will be a memory to cherish forever.

15. Knossos:

Knossos was the center of the ancient civilization of Minos. This place has a famous palace which was the home of King Minos. It’s easier to know the best places to visit in the area with a guide.