Top 20 famous actresses with round and plump faces

Top 20 famous actresses with round and plump faces

Top 20 famous actresses with round and plump faces


Most people think that a round face shape is difficult to achieve. However, contrary to assumption, did you know that a round face is also known as a “baby face”? The reason is that women with round faces are always youthful. Regardless of age, this face shape always gives a beautiful and timeless look. A round face always looks full and well-proportioned, giving people a cheerful, happy and beautiful feeling.

Today, we have a list of gorgeous actresses and celebrities with round faces. These round-faced celebrities and stars are the epitome of elegance and beauty, and we bet you’ll agree with us too. So, read on to learn all about beauty for women with round faces.

What is a round face?

Let’s first quickly give you an accurate idea of ​​the shape of a round face. A round face is when all sides look well proportioned and have no sharp edges. This flattering face shape has slightly curved sides of the face instead of being flat and straight, except for the rounded jaw area. As a result, your forehead and chin will have the same width and soft edges.

20 cute female celebrities with beautiful round faces:

Here we go, these famous models and celebrity actresses are known for their beautiful round face shapes. Let’s see how gorgeous their toned face structure with rounded edges would look!

1. Chrissy Teigen:

American model and actress Chrissy Teigen’s makeup looks absolutely stunning. If you’re wondering how beautiful a chubby face looks with structure, she’s the perfect example. Chrissy looks radiant as ever and remains relevant with the glamorous and modern look. Her soft cheekbones look very radiant and alluring. Do you agree with us?

2. Drew Barrymore:

The American director and actress is one of our favorite celebrities with round faces. With the same broad forehead, cheeks and chin, Drew Barrymore looks radiant and magical whenever he’s out in public. Her soft and beautiful features are the perfect example of a round face structure. With her elongated round face, she often pairs it with layers, and further, this look accentuates her natural beauty and style.

3. Emma Stone:

Tell us someone who hasn’t heard of Emma Stone! Beauty always looks stunning and sophisticated, and she has a round face! Emma looks stunning in all of her movies and celebrity appearances. She often pairs straight or wavy hair with bangs to create a beautiful look that’s magical and ultra-modern. She is one of the most glamorous actresses of this generation. do you agree?

4. Ginnifer Goodwin:

Ginnifer Goodwin is another actress with uniforms, muted tones and a round face. She is a perfect example of how stunning women can shape themselves in the most elegant, simple and minimal way, even with rounder faces. Her personal style often inspires us to minimize it, but look stylish in the simplest possible way.

5. Hayden Panettiere:

Hayden Panettiere has a sharp long round face. Mostly, people confuse her facial structure as a face shape somewhere between a round and an elongated or oval. However, we can all agree that she looks exquisite, with the same wide forehead, same wide chin, and more pointed cheeks. Hayden always looks charming and stylish with the shape of her face. Her good looks also come from chubby or cute round cheeks, which usually appear fuller.

6. Kate Bosworth:

If you love elegance and a classy fashion quotient, you can never forget Kate Bosworth’s style and glam quotient. We love how stunning and absolutely gorgeous she looks every time she appears. Kate always pairs her round face with even-toned neutral makeup and blonde hair. The loose waves also suit her face shape.

7. Kelly Osbourne:

Kelly Osbourne is the poster child for a celebrity with a round, chubby, round face. If you’re wondering now that you can never look pretty with this face and features, you’re wrong! Kylie always looks classy and gives a new unique and worldly style statement. Her flattering looks often come from short hair.

8. Kirsten Dunst:

If your face is as long as it is wide, you can also take inspiration from Kirsten Dunst. She is proactive and constantly experimenting with looks, making her style look unique, authentic and modern. Her glamorous and edgy looks look intoxicating and never fail to impress us. do you agree?

9. Michelle Williams:

The diva always steals our hearts with her absolutely flattering, stunning, gorgeous fashion sense. She is one of the most stylish and glamorous celebrities with a round or round face shape. She always looks young and attractive, and is often seen with short hair that complements her face shape to complement her personality.

10. Mila Kunis:

When we talk about celebrities with stunning transformations and round face shapes, Mila Kunis is always at the top of the list. Beauty redefines fashion with every appearance, but always impresses us. While most celebrities with round faces are usually blonde, we’ve seen brunettes in Mila, a diva who always looks stunning. When it comes to her facial structure and expressions, her confidence and magic is always different.

11. Queen Latifah:

Another celebrity with a chubby or round face is Queen Latifah. Divas can show us how to look beautiful even with a round or round face. If bold and classic styles are your thing, women with round faces can take inspiration from this fashionista.

12. Sarah Hyland:

Sarah Hyland’s face shape is often referred to as “moon face”. It also stemmed from some health complications that affected her facial structure and appearance. However, she is a huge source of inspiration on how to seamlessly blend a rounded face shape with a youthful, elegant, modern and stylish look. do you agree?

13. Selena Gomez:

Talk about round-faced celebrities and miss leading lady Selena Gomez? never! Fashionista Selena always looks stunning and alluring with her face shape. She makes the most of these looks with her beautiful baby-faced features. She always impresses us with her youthful and timeless elegance.

14. Natalie Merchant:

Natalie Merchant is another example of a celebrity with a round face. She has a proportionally round face shape and her personal style statement is always on point. The American composer and singer looks stunning with his edgy, soft facial structure and dark hair.

15. Ariel Winter:

A notable feature of Ariel Winter’s facial structure are her sharp, edgy cheekbones. She is known for her youthful and elegant style, and her soft cheekbone area is the most eye-catching place. The beauty always looked stunning with soft makeup in neutral tones to frame her face.

16. Karen Gillan:

Hot and glamorous Karen Gillan’s round face looks timeless and stylish. Round-faced beauties have soft, toned facial structures that look attractive and attractive. Her youthful appearance has attracted people’s attention in the social circle. Mostly, Karen compliments her face shape with blonde or burgundy hair!

17. Awkwafina:

Asian beauty star Awkwafina’s round face looks absolutely beautiful and sophisticated. Her petite and well-proportioned face exemplifies the round face of an Asian woman. In addition to elegant androgynous looks, the beauty also experimented with bold and experimental looks, both of which looked stunning.

18. Gong Li:

With the poise of an oval face, Gong Li is an ideal example of a woman who has high demands on her eyes and cheeks. She always wears a nice amount of blush on her cheekbones, accentuating her eyes and chin, giving her round face a more balanced, diva-like look.

19. Thomasin McKenzie:

Thomasin McKenzie is another celebrity with a baby-like face. Her petite and youthful look is our favourite. She often maintains a minimal yet glamorous and magical look. With dark hair and stunning eyes, the diva always looks classic and alluring.

20. Olivia Munn:

How to look refined and youthful in old age? Olivia Munn is a great example for us when it comes to women with round faces. She seamlessly nails any style statement by keeping it basic but bold and stylish. She often favors short haircuts with round faces for a sophisticated, modern look that matches the shape of her face.

What do you think of women with round faces now? Are women with round faces really beautiful and amazing? These celebrities redefine the glam quotient of fashion and round faces. We hope you enjoyed exploring the look with us. Let us know what you think.