Top 7 Famous Parks & Pictures in Vijayawada

Top 7 Famous Parks & Pictures in Vijayawada

Top 7 Famous Parks & Pictures in Vijayawada


Vijayawada is the third largest city in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a commercial city with the second best railway hub in India. It is like a global city because it is strong in every aspect of industry, politics, transportation, agriculture, etc. The city has various places for people to visit such as temples, hills, caves and the city is known for having 60 parks, the most popular of which are Rajiv Gandhi Park and Mahatma Gandhi Park.

Vijayawada’s beautiful park with pictures:

Here is a list of the best parks in Vijayawada.

1. Rajiv Gandhi Park:

Located at the entrance of Vijayawada, Rajiv Gandhi Park is one of the very popular tourist attractions in the city. The park is established and maintained by the Municipal Corporation. The park offers manicured grass and paths for people to walk, like a mini-zoo and aquarium for man-made animals, and musical fountains open at night. They are also educational about the park, where people can learn about dinosaurs and extinct animals. They showed the shooting, a jeep for kids to ride, a cricket area, bungee trampolines and even a canteen.

2. Dr BR Ambedkar and Raghavaiah Park:

The popular park on Vijayawada is famous for the uniqueness of its equipment, which are beautifully depicted. The main attraction of Dr.BR Ambedkar & Raghavaiah Park is the Suspension Bridge, which connects the two parks of the park on either side of the canal. They created play equipment like swings and slides for kids.

3. KLRao Park:

Parks are usually built for people to walk, exercise and for children to play and ride on their recreational objects. K. L Rao Park in Vijayawada changes these definitions by adding more. The park has a pool and boating area, and people get more entertainment than they expect from the park.

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4. Mahatma Gandhi Park:

Mahatma Gandhi Park is the oldest park in Vijayawada. As we can see in the picture, at the entrance we have a blue grill door with the name written on the hoarding and a sloping stone roof. There are many trees and flowers in the park, and there are paths for people to walk. The park also includes a gym, which is very popular.

5. GVS Sastry Park:

GV S Sastry Park is located near Satyanarayanapuram in Vijayawada. A lot of ideas have been done with this park which makes people and tourists more attracted to it. In the picture below, we notice that there is a wide path to walk, and on either side of it, there are carefully manicured plants and some artificially created ones. There are figures made of bricks and the interior is filled with different kinds of trees. There is an “ice rink” that the kids love very much.

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6. Tangirala Veera Raghavaiah Park:

Tangirala Veera Raghavaiah Park is a park in Vijayawada that was created in a way that takes us back in time as it looks like some kind of palace or fort. On the outside it is painted red and we can also see white between the two bricks. It tells us stories of past stories created with different statues.

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7. Hyland Theme Park:

Haailand Theme Park is an amusement park in Vijayawada, and the engineers made a brilliant innovation to levitate the Buddha statue in mid-air and have a fountain below it. This amusement park has several rides and a water park for people’s entertainment.

Vijayawada is one of the developing cities in India. Vijayawada has many parks that showcase beautiful natural scenery. Next time plan to check out these beautiful parks…don’t…miss!