Top 9 Bike Tours in the World

Top 9 Bike Tours in the World

Top 9 Bike Tours in the World

Bike tours are common around the world because they provide the much-needed adrenaline that most people crave. However, it should be noted that these tours are designed for cyclists who enjoy cycling and tourists who enjoy cycling. These tours usually take place in and around the mountains and cover the best locations and routes. In fact, most bike tours take routes that are both scenic and challenging. If you’re up to the challenge, they’re sure to leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Here are some of the best bike tours in the world.

Best Bike Tours in the World:

Florida Bike Tour:

Florida is an ideal destination for cycling trips. The sunny U.S. state will allow cyclists to cycle through forested areas as well as areas fringed by palm trees. The state’s many beaches will also make for great viewing. Enjoy a scenic tour of Florida with perfect weather.

Desert Bike Tour:

The vast expanse only found in the desert will provide some interesting bike trails. Most cyclists prefer desert tours because the access is unobstructed by traffic and other factors. Guides will be helpful for newcomers. However, you will only see dry vegetation and the day will get very hot and humid.

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Alaska Bike Tour:

Alaska is one of the few places in the world that offers night bike tours. However, you will need all the warm clothing you can get your hands on. For some people coming from wetter climates, freezing temperatures can be very unbearable. The trail will take you through mountains and frozen lakes with a chance to spot a few bears in the bargain.

Mountain Bike Tour:

The beautiful scenery and the fresh air that only mountains can provide will make this bike tour a real breath of fresh air. Pine trees will also accompany you along the bike path. Make sure you are accompanied so that you can thoroughly enjoy the bike tour.

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Grand Canyon Bike Tour:

The Grand Canyon has always attracted tourists from all over the world. With its picturesque location and stunning views, it’s also a great cycling destination. The gravel-infested trails can be a little difficult to manage a loop. Therefore, such bike tours are recommended for cyclists who have experience on difficult trails.

Frozen Journey:

Have you ever longed for a bike ride on a frozen lake or river? Well, that wish will soon become a reality. There are plenty of guided bike tours on frozen rivers or lakes. However, the safety precautions for these trips are very strict to ensure protection. These tours are only recommended for experienced cyclists as they can be potentially dangerous.

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Open Road Bike Tour:

For adventurers and cyclists, there’s nothing more liberating than touring on the unobstructed open roads. The wide field of vision will help cyclists experience the thrill of adventure. Families can also ride together when there is no threat of other vehicles traveling on the same road.

Sandstorm Bike Tour:

There are even some bike tours during a sandstorm. This is designed for adventurous adventure cyclists. However, protective gear is absolutely necessary and individuals generally undertake such trips at their own risk.

Forest Bike Tour:

Forest bike tours can be very exhilarating. The trails touring can be very narrow and restricted, but the exposure to a variety of flora and fauna is excellent. Breathing clean air is also an added bonus.