Top 9 Honeymoon Destinations in Bangladesh

Top 9 Honeymoon Destinations in Bangladesh

Top 9 Honeymoon Destinations in Bangladesh


Bangladesh has been drawn to honeymoon places for many years. This place carries the nostalgia of being an old country. This place is updated with the latest facilities than before. People are enjoying huge changes. Honeymoon place is perfect for a good time. Thousands of luxury hotels are built in the city center, providing honeymoon couples with the latest facilities.

Best Honeymoon Locations in Bangladesh:

1. Chittagong:

The city is a circle of green hills. Colorful flowers and hair in different shapes inspire the enchanting beauty of nature. Therefore, this place is very romantic for honeymoon couples. The hotel does have a nice mountain view which is very pleasant. The mountains look extraordinarily beautiful in the sun.

2. Cox Market:

This place is called the headquarters of Bangladesh. With a large population, it is the oldest place in the country. Besides having a lovely beach to kill time. The city is a honeymoon destination in Bangladesh because of its sandy beaches and traditional landscapes. The length of the beach seems to be a never-ending skyline.

3. Mount Nilgiri:

Mount Nilgiri is an extraordinary beauty of nature. The resorts are all on the mountain. Clouds seem to hang over the resort every morning. This place is full of happiness as it is far away from the crowded city. Nature is perfect for a honeymoon.

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4. Sajak Valley:

This place is dominated by its mountains. The colors of the mountains seem to be different from each other. For the most part, the views of the slow-moving clouds are truly stunning. Make sure you visit this place among honeymoon destinations in Bangladesh, otherwise you might miss a good place. Make a list of places you want to visit before planning your honeymoon.

5. Mermaid Beach:

Beaches have always been the best choice for honeymoons. Mermaid Beach has no specific season and you can visit anytime. However, it is certainly a great place to spend some private time with your wife. The beach at night looks even more beautiful under the moonlight.

6. Rangamati:

Rangamati is famous for its hill station. The forest adds a special effect to the place. There are many forest resorts available for couples to spend an adventurous night. The atmosphere of the place is very calm, away from the thrilling sounds of animals. Tribal people are very simple in nature.

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7. Kagra Chahari:

This place is known for its colorful natural landscape. It is 112 kilometers away from Chittagong. The nature of this place can be specified by its greenery and waterfalls on the mountain. Perhaps these two make nature even more fascinating. For a honeymoon, this might be a good choice.

8. Inani Beach:

Of these, the most exciting thing about this beach is its waves and sand. For honeymoon couples, this is the perfect spot for a candlelit dinner. As a honeymoon destination, the popularity of this place has increased a lot than before.

9. Partenga Beach:

Beaches are very famous in Bangladesh. It is built with concrete walls surrounded by large stones. The beauty is rough, but it turns red in the sun. All aside, this place is really good for honeymoon in Bangladesh. A wide variety of street food is available here at very reasonable prices.

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