Top 9 Kriti Sanon Photos Without Makeup

Top 9 Kriti Sanon Photos Without Makeup

Top 9 Kriti Sanon Photos Without Makeup


Kriti Sanon is a rising female beauty in Bollywood. After starting her modeling career, she made her first film debut with a Telugu film. Her first Bollywood debut was Heropanti, which was released early last year. There is no doubt that she is talented and beautiful. She likes to live a simple life and spends most of her time with her family when not filming. After winning the Filmfare Award for her debut feature, she gained an incredible fan following. Today, she is revered for her humble nature and her feisty, confident, natural beauty.

Pictures of beautiful Kriti Sanon without makeup:

Here are some of Kriti Sanon’s best no-makeup photos that will prove that this girl is more than just an ordinary plastic fashion model.

1. Be in a good mood:

This photo of Kriti was taken on her before she joined the film. Here, she looks simple yet attractive even without makeup. Her natural beauty cannot currently be compared to any young actress in the Hindi film industry. A simple pink top can make a girl so divine, as Kriti proved that day.

2. Daddy’s daughter:

Here is a picture of Kriti with her sister and father. Anyone who knows enough about Kriti will know that she enjoys spending her free time with her family. The photo was taken while the Sanon family was on vacation and we can see that they had a great time. Kriti looks simple with no makeup, but is still pretty enough to rival the beauty of nature.

3. The new girl in town:

Kriti is currently the newest girl in Bollywood. She was recognized in India after winning the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her debut feature. Her simple and humble nature is one of the main reasons for all her success so far. Kriti can wear anything she wants, even a casual top and black hat without any makeup on her face to make her look good.

4. Family portrait:

Here’s a beautiful photo of the Sanon family, Kriti in casual clothes and no makeup. She hardly needs any beauty products to enhance her glamorous image. This photo shows that Kriti can quickly pull something out of the closet to make the cloth look different on her. This is the power of natural beauty.

5. Another makeup-free snap:

In order to work in the film industry and shoot multiple films at the same time, Kriti has to wear countless beauty products and undergo countless cosmetic touch-ups. But it didn’t affect her personal life. In reality, she is still the little girl who always likes a simple and casual father. Her relationship with her old friend is still intact, and she definitely doesn’t hesitate to show off her natural beauty. Here you can still see her natural without makeup.

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6. Family photo:

Kriti posted a selfie of the whole family on her Instagram profile. Here, she shows off her plain face. A girl working in the film industry has never been easier. Her initial fame was not a factor in her looks or her style of dress.

7. Found on the street:

Kriti Sanon was spotted on the street without makeup while going to the gym. This young beauty likes to show off her makeup whenever she gets the chance. It can be said that she is quite proud of her natural beauty and prefers to show off her natural beauty rather than expensive makeup.

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8. The girl on fire:

This photo of Kriti shows how healthy and beautiful she actually is. Here, we see Kriti performing her kickboxing skills and showing off her lovely face without makeup and a very healthy and toned physique.

9. Yet another no-makeup look:

The last one is another of Kriti Sanon’s undressed photos, taken at her home. Words are not enough to appreciate and appreciate her naturally beautiful face in this photo.

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