Top 9 Lakshmi Menon Without Makeup

Top 9 Lakshmi Menon Without Makeup

Top 9 Lakshmi Menon Without Makeup

Since childhood, Lakshmi Menon has been an extraordinary dancer, always looking for a chance to shine on the movie screen. Lakshmi Menon has always been an acting fan, starting her career in supporting roles until she worked her way up. An Indian actress, mostly seen in the Tamil and Malayalam film industry, she is considered the fastest rising star, beating her rivals with stunning performances.

However, actresses are always under enormous pressure to maintain a good image all the time. Whether it’s an awards red carpet or a lazy errand day, the absence of professional makeup to outline and shape the face, what sets these stars apart is a very significant difference. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at Menon’s makeup book to determine if she’s naturally beautiful or just a pretty face on screen.

1. A pretty smile:

A smile says it all, and the one flashing one of her prettiest smiles here is the all-natural Lakshmi Menon. Menon does look more down-to-earth and prettier without the professional help of a studio makeup artist. Her clear skin accentuates a beautiful smile as she poses for her natural self.

2. Killer Selfie:

Ruining the score in the selfie contest, here’s Menon looking flawless without any blemishes or blemishes on her skin. A girl’s best friend is the eyeliner she believes, as her face depicts nude beauty, with a liner that accentuates her already pretty eyes.

3. A sudden confession:

In this photo, actress Lakshmi Menon looks natural without her bare minimum, an ivory earring and a striking monochrome suit. Her hair is sleek and tied at the back, indicating that this is one of those lazy stay-at-home days. She smiled and walked away, unaware that her photo was taken, her candor looking natural.

4. Pretty:

This time, Lakshmi Menon wears nude leggings with a coral blue suit in a traditional style with little black pudding on her beautiful face. Her naturally lustrous hair is open and parted to one side as this time she realizes the camera is putting a lovely smirk on her face.

5. Movie stills:

This is one of Menon’s early movie stills, when she was still trying to scale up. Stripping off her natural tan and embracing her cultural get-up, Menon plays her part well. Her sun-baked skin revealed her flawless flawlessness, and her mischievous eyes sparkled with happiness.

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6. Selfie time:

Once again, Menon ruled the selfie trend, this time indoors, with her hair tied in a pink band. Lakshmi looked beautiful in a red shirt and no makeup as her skin looked clean with no visible blemishes or blemishes.

7. New faces:

This is yet another proof for Lakshmi Menon that professional makeup isn’t the only thing that makes her pretty face so attractive. The photo clearly shows Menon looking sophisticated and spotless with no makeup, as she paired a sea-green suit with soft pendants and a traditional little drawstring.

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8. Towards tradition:

The bright sky blue suit with luxurious patterns on the lower body made Menon look quite cultural. Again, this is one of those times when Menon opts for a minimalist look, with her pretty drop earrings and soft black bindi.

9. Movie stills 2:

Here’s one of Menon’s stills from the movie showing off her makeup-free skin shimmering as she smiles at the camera.

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