Top 9 Malaika Arora Without Makeup

Top 9 Malaika Arora Without Makeup

Top 9 Malaika Arora Without Makeup

Malaika Arora is a multi-talented woman. She is a VJ, dancer, model, actress, TV presenter and mother. She is well-proportioned and has an amazing physique and is one of the most beautiful women in Indian cinema. When it comes to item Girls, the name Malaika Arora cannot be ignored. Born in Chembur, India, she started her modeling career at an early age and entered the film industry as a project girl and shot many films that gained wide social recognition.

As a member of the Salman Khan family, she loves to keep fit and keep in shape. To do this, she has to go through some beauty treatments that can sometimes be suffocating. But Mrs Khan isn’t just a plastic doll surrounded by beauty products. Here are some of the best no-makeup photos of Malaika Arora that will make you realize how beautiful this woman is in reality.

1. She loves her children:

This is a collage of Malaika and her son. In three of the photos, item girl is without makeup. Her dazzling physique and naturally beautiful face are enough to impress the audience. Whenever she takes a break from the fashion and film business, she likes to devote herself to enjoying and spending time with her family. This humble nature of hers shows how beautiful she actually is from the bottom of her heart.

2. Fun for all!

These photos show Malaika enjoying at a family event. Don’t worry about makeup, she’s addicted to having fun and going completely crazy with her family at that particular event.

3. Beauty Queen:

Working with many beauty products and fashion brands, Malaika has a wealth of knowledge and creativity in dressing up. Here, she’s wearing a casual white shirt, green bottoms, and an orange bag, but at the same time, she’s showing off her natural beauty with zero makeup.

4. Bodysuit girls:

Malaika has a great physique and likes to wear clothes that fit. She was once photographed at the airport in a tight grey top showing off her magnificent figure. She wore no makeup that day, but looked beautiful enough to impress the surrounding airport staff and flight attendants.

5. Fitness girl:

Here, Malaika can be seen doing some core training with the cable. Her healthy lifestyle and estranged relationship with mascara is one of the main reasons fans admire her. This innate natural beauty can never be measured on the scale of beauty products.

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6. With her son:

Here is a lovely photo of Malaika and her son. Malaika also looks like a child in this photo without the help of any makeup. Her beautiful face makes all beauty products seem worthless in front of her.

7. No makeup:

This lady is an inspiration to many women in India and around the world. As a mother, she manages to keep herself healthy and look beautiful all the time.

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8. Go somewhere:

Someone found out that Malaika left her some without makeup. How can a simple sleeveless black top and a pair of jeans make a girl look so divine? We should all learn some beauty and health tips from Malaika.

9. With brother-in-law:

Malaika Arora was spotted posing with her own sister and brother-in-law at a family reunion, showing off her natural beauty.

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