Top 9 Manisha Koirala Without Makeup

Top 9 Manisha Koirala Without Makeup

Top 9 Manisha Koirala Without Makeup


Nepalese actress and brilliant dancer Manisha Koirala is one of the most popular and recognized actresses in Indian television. She has worked in several films including Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, etc. and is also a successful Brahmin dancer. She recently had cancer and made a successful comeback. She is now healthy and looking better than ever. As a Hindi film actress, she is primarily a beauty queen. She won’t go anywhere near makeup and will still look gorgeous as a goddess. Do not believe? Here are some of the best pictures of Manisa without makeup.

1. Prepare to get back on track:

There are rumors that Manisha Koirala is about to shoot a new movie, and this is just a set shot of that movie. Here she shows her natural and gifted beauty face. Her fair and flawless skin is as much a blessing as her amazing acting skills.

2. With her children:

Here, Manisha can be seen rejoicing with her daughter and son. Her flawless beauty and humble attitude are factors in her success. This lovely photo showcases her happy nature and ever-beautiful smile.

3. Cover photo:

This photo was taken during an interview with Manisha about her personal life and upcoming career details. In this photo, she shows off her flawless smile and lovely natural face. Without a doubt, it can be said that she was one of the most beautiful actresses of her time.

4. Much later:

After getting married and having children, Manisha disappeared from the picture of the Indian film industry. After a long time, it was discovered that she looked more beautiful than ever on the street without any makeup. She was not irritated by the camera. Instead, she managed to smile and get the press to click on some of her great photos.

5. Aged but still rolling:

At this time, Manisha Koirala was one of the most senior and experienced actresses in the Hindi film industry. Despite her advanced age, she manages to look her best despite being a mother. In this already enlarged photo, we can clearly see her age line. But she still has something beautiful, unique and divine that up-and-coming actresses lack these days.

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6. Father-daughter love:

We all know that Manisha Koirala has just recovered from ovarian cancer after six months of tired and intensive treatment. She’s so confident in herself and her beauty, she doesn’t hesitate to bring out her natural best self in front of the camera.

7. Girl with glasses:

According to Manisha, beauty comes from within. According to her, if a person has inner beauty, it will show on his/her face. With this theory, she is still on the road to success. Makeup is definitely not an issue for this Nepali beauty, as she shows off her natural face in front of the camera every now and then these days.

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8. In the news:

After beating cancer, Manisha became a newcomer several times. This snapshot is also from one of the many interviews in which she describes her journey against cancer. Her beautiful face without makeup affected almost everyone in that room.

9. Birds with feathers:

Manisha Koirala poses for a selfie with actress Aditi Rao at an event that is essentially an anti-cancer campaign. The only time Manisha smears something on her face is when she’s about to appear on screen.

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