Top 9 Photos of Sunny Leone Without Makeup

Top 9 Photos of Sunny Leone Without Makeup

Top 9 Photos of Sunny Leone Without Makeup


Sunny’s big break came on the Big Boss game show, where she was sent, one of the Indian versions of Big Brother. Prior to this, Leone was one of the internationally acclaimed film personalities before she entered the show business after arriving in India with her first film being Jism2. However, the Indian-Canadian actress has given her a platform on the Bollywood stage with her latest talents, including hosting the youth show Splitsvilla. Always a diva, Sunny has always portrayed herself as one of the best faces in the business. However, stars without makeup are likely to look nothing like they actually do.

Stunning photo of Sunny Leone without makeup:

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss Sunny Leone’s various styling books without makeup.

1. Selfie Game:

The rocking selfie game, and clearly one of the winners, Sunny Leone in this photo looks absolutely rocking beauty, her flawless face depicting her beauty, even from behind the camera. We can see no sign of makeup on her face as she smiles sweetly at the camera.

2. Car pictures:

The photo was taken in a car she may have been in from or on her way to work. She was almost unrecognizable in the close-up of her bare face, but the creamy texture of her spotless skin looked downright divine. The soft brown around her eyes really shows how tired she is from cycling to work.

3. Blessings:

Mahesh Bhat, one of Bollywood’s leading directors, first saw Leone’s talent when he visited her on the set of “The Big Boss.” In this photo, we see a delighted Mahesh Bhatt reaching out to Sunny, wishing her a new path to Hindi movies and more Bollywood. In this photo, sunny has no makeup on her flawless facial skin.

4. Minimalism at home:

Before leaving the house, beautiful Sunny Leone chooses to take a selfie with one of her pet cats. Although she wears very little makeup on her face, mostly her eyes and lips, this Instagram photo of her shows us how perfect she can be even without the need for professional studio makeup.

5. Being lazy at home:

Lying in bed with a languid and fresh face, here’s another picture of Sunny rocking without makeup that looks absolutely adorable. The photo resurfaced on one of her social media sites.

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6. Pet Alert:

This photo shows Sunny dressed up in contrast to the previous one without makeup, with the equally charming Sunny huddled on top of her pet dog. The makeup without makeup really suits Sunny because she looks so natural and down to earth.

7. A new look:

The sunny in this photo is like a dream come true, her face without makeup is radiant, just like a bright little star. In the photo, Sunny is wearing a plain black hoodie with her hair parted to one side and a big smile on her shoulders.

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8. With her beloved:

Her husband, Daniel Webb, posed with her in this photo, surprised her fans with a selfie with no makeup at all, which made her look nothing like she usually does. However, with her hair tied back and no makeup, it never took away her beauty.

9. Anthropomorphically beautiful:

With a beanie, who would have imagined that Sunny would look so beautiful without makeup. Although the dark bags around her eyes tell us she worked hard for a living, her taut face couldn’t match her beauty.

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