Top 9 Rakul Preet Singh with and without makeup

Top 9 Rakul Preet Singh with and without makeup

Top 9 Rakul Preet Singh with and without makeup


LaCour, who always had fun, was athletically inclined during her school days, and was her best national golfer. Over time, however, her weakness shifted from sports to fashion, and she made a splash in the film industry, getting her big break when she competed in the Miss India pageant. Although she never took the number one spot, she was crowned queen in five different titles.

Without wasting any more time, she made her film debut that year, which was a Telugu film. Now, she is considered one of the young and futuristic actresses of the South Indian film industry, ruling mainly Tamil and related southern cinemas.

Fabulous Rakul Preet Singh Without Makeup:

In this post, we’ve rounded up a few nude photos of this beauty to reveal if she’s beautiful without the help of a movie scene.

1. Pretty face:

A sweet face like this doesn’t require outer makeup, but Rakul still insists that a girl’s wallet handy best friend, eyeliner, and a muted lip color are a must. So when she poses in this photo, her face has nothing but a smattering of bare essentials.

2. Cool Selfie:

Fully naked this time around, Lacourt has recently made a splash in the celebrity world by posing for a selfie without makeup. It’s amazing how round she looks, yet so beautiful, without makeup, her face is bright and flawless.

3. Beautiful activity posture:

Here, we see Rakul again in a minimalist look, with her hair tied all the way back and a sleek pony, as her pretty eyes are mostly obscured by her tinted shade. A simple white T-shirt with a big smile and no makeup completed her look.

4. Pageant photos:

This photo dates back to when Rakul entered the Femina beauty pageant. Wearing a bare face and no visible makeup, Lacourt in this photo looks sleek and sexy, if not terribly cute. A soft peach rose lip color added to her beauty.

5. Activity day:

Lacourt wore a cute little dress to one of her events and looked a lot like the girl next door, with her hair perfectly combed and a soft smile on her face. In this photo, she shows off her natural and beautiful face without makeup.

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6. Just a stillness:

Once again, we see Raquel posing for the camera, this time also laughing from cheek to cheek. Even though her skin incorporates a little eyeliner and a soft lip color, the natural beauty of her smooth skin left us stunned and unbelievable. How charming she is, even without makeup.

7. Natural:

In this photo, we do agree that Rakul is wearing a soft summer shade on her lips, but showing off her new front lock hairstyle, this photo gives us a proof that Rakul here doesn’t have any professional polish Makeup, which makes her lack professional skills, but still makes her look as beautiful as ever.

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8. Pageant Day:

Once again, harking back to her pageant days, Lacourt is pictured in a bikini, getting ready for the ramp down the aisle. Her skin had a stain-soft feel as usual, as she sported a flat tummy and luscious curls without any makeup.

9. Pet affairs:

Taking a photo with your pet is a must in your phone gallery and keeping the rules of the unsaid, Rakul poses sweetly with her pet, just like her pet in this photo, we’ve been in awe stared at her, and she shimmered pearly white.

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