Top 9 Unforgettable Looks of Actress Trisha Wearing a Saree

Top 9 Unforgettable Looks of Actress Trisha Wearing a Saree

Top 9 Unforgettable Looks of Actress Trisha Wearing a Saree


Trisha, the name is synonymous with sophisticated South Indian beauty! The A-listed actress has made her mark on the film industry with her stunning beauty and, of course, her acting skills! Trisha has also gained off-screen popularity for her impeccable fashion sense. You will definitely see Trisha Krishnan in the saree look, the epitome of a true Indian diva! Whether it’s a promotional event or a private wedding, Trisha sure knows how to style her saree! In this post, we showcase some of her best pictures in sarees, along with some styling tips!

Beautiful Pictures of Trisha in Saree:

Trisha loves sarees and always sees new additions at different social events. Below are a few popular photos of Trisha wearing various sarees showing how she rocked the Indian lady looks.

1. VTV Trisha Saree:

Trisha made a splash with her role as Jessie on VTV (Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya). This brown and green Chanderi saree is popularly known as “Trisha Saree” due to its extreme popularity. Trisha looks amazing in this saree and does full justice to the outfit. We just love her “simple”!

2. Trisha In Half Saree:

How can we forget some of Trisha’s country beauty looks in the movies? Theresa has a lively side which she often shows through her half saree outfits. This blue lehenga style outfit is meant to bring her character to life. It comes without any frills and stays true to her minimalist fashion choices.

3. Trisha in a pink saree:

Tereza looked radiant in a coral pink saree paired with a beautiful stone blouse. She opted for a heavy Polki choker suit and matching Maatha pathi. Her gorgeous eyes and shiny nose studs make her the perfect bride!

4. Trisha in a cotton saree:

This Tereza latest VTV saree is again one of the most eye-catching designs! There is an indescribable elegance to the red and black cotton saree, which Tereza takes away with more grace. She magnifies the charming quotient with her lovely hair and brooding mood. That little “Jessie” chain and locket is all you need to adorn the saree.

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5. Trisha Floral Saree:

In this gorgeous floral saree, Trisha looks like a walking garden. Heavy blouses complement plain georgette sarees. Trisha sticks to her minimalist style with her boat neck shirt model and a pair of earrings. She keeps her makeup natural and her million dollar smile is prettier than her clothes!

6. Trisha in a green saree:

Doesn’t Trisha look like a fallen fairy in this photo? The actress looked sensational in this bridal look. She is wearing an elegant Kanjeevaram and Banaras shirt. Her accessories fit the theme and are loaded with diamonds and polkis. Her perfectly draped style and shimmering smile were all we needed!

7. Dark all the way:

Ombre is the latest saree design, but that didn’t stop the actress from using the design to steal the hearts of her fans. The sarees are traditional Indian clothing, and the new colors meant modernity, and the actress didn’t want to lose the fashion of the time.

8. Naked Gold Saree:

Nude gold sarees are always a great display and this saree is another work of art. The saree elevates the looks of these great actresses and makes her look absolutely dazzling compared to anyone else, but the saree also has a very serene feeling that gives one a sense of peace.

9. Black Floral Saree:

The flower show exudes femininity and that is the goal of this diva to show how beautiful and downright lovely a woman can be in a sari. The Flower Show is a great saree, truly a work of art that combines femininity with elegance and downright beauty.

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10. Golden Saree:

Even on set, this great actress definitely took the saree look to a whole new level. The golden color of the saree is an absolute thrill and watching her surroundings add to it, another great saree worn by this amazing actress.

11. Red Silk Saree:

The sexy look is one of Trisha’s on-screen looks, which shows she’s not just a veteran actress, but a diva. This amazing actress has been in the business for 7 years and knows how to look really good.

12. Mesh Floral Saree:

The mesh pattern is another very sexy saree that shows the true beauty of this great actress. Mesh pattern sarees are actually available in many different patterns and colors that you can choose according to your preference. This is one of Tereza’s favorite sarees.

13. Sweet Fuchsia:

This is the latest addition to her wardrobe, the sweet fuchsia is a very luxurious and simple saree that showcases the radiant features of this impeccable actress and inspires ladies across India Have more confidence in yourself.

14. Sheer Black Saree:

Give this South Indian diva the opportunity to look great at any social or formal event and she will absolutely rock her look. In this photo, a solid black saree beloved by all is the perfect complement to the festive setting, adding color to her surroundings.

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15. Blue Saree:

The cooler sarees are actually again available in many different colours. This particular saree worn by the great actress really shows what a traditional Indian saree really means and shows that a saree is not just for special events but can be worn every day without looking drab or boring.

Style tips from Trisha Saree look:

Follow these style tips to draw inspiration from this heroine:

  • Trisha style is all about keeping it simple and elegant. So, the rule of thumb is to avoid going overboard!
  • Keep the blouse heavy and the saree simple and vice versa!
  • Opt for plain sarees as they are more versatile in style.
  • If you want to try a sober style, ditch those accessories and try a hairstyle. It always works!
  • Get the pallu in one step and give your saree a casual look.
  • Opt for neatly fitted shirts that are not too fancy!

These are the best looks for Trisha in a saree! Tereza has earned a huge star reputation with her natural acting skills. In addition to that, she is also known for her girl-next-door beauty, a rare element these days. You will often see her in simple sarees and blouses. She has inspired many young people to go the saree route, especially in VTV. We hope to see more of her movies in the future and of course her gorgeous sarees!